‘Screen Machines’ Makes Movie Fans’ Dreams Come True

A new Reelz series shows just how far some fans will go to drive vehicles patterned after classic movie cars.

“Screen Machines: The Cars That Make the Movies” debuts with back-to-back episodes starting at 11 p.m. EST Dec. 2 on Reelz.

Screen Machines on REELZ Series Premiere Promo

The reality series follows Robert “Videobob” Moseley, the force behind a Dallas prop shop that creates replicas of iconic movie and TV show vehicles. This isn’t kid’s play. Grown men and women want picture-perfect recreations of these famous wheels, and Moseley delivers – for a price.

A “Back to the Future” style DeLorean costs $60,000.

Each episode shows how these vehicles are crafted as well as the clients eager to see their youthful visions come to life.

Some fans have a direct connection to the cars in play. A revamped 1963 Cadillac convertible which mimics the “creampuff” car from “Scarface” was requested by Angel Salazar, who played Chi Chi in the 1983 cult classic. VideoBob used orange zebra-striped fabric to replicate the original’s tiger-striped upholstery.

Other featured car projects include the Knight Industries Two Thousand, better known as KITT from “Knight Rider,” the Ecto 1 from “Ghostbusters” (a steal at $18,000) and a “Jurassic Park” Jeep facsimile.

DID YOU KNOW: Al Pacino’s “Scarface” shattered the record for most “F-bombs” spoken in a movie up until that time – more than 200 bombs were dropped.

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