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Russell Brand on CNN: ‘You Can’t Use This as a News Source’

The free-thinking comic cheers public's growing distrust in mainstream media

There’s a reason reporters are eager to attack Joe Rogan.

The burly podcaster, who leans to the Left but holds opinions from both sides of the aisle, dares to interview disparate voices on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

And, along the way, call the media out for its lies.

The clearest example of media attacks on the Spotify podcaster? CNN covered his brush with COVID-19, mocking how he used “horse dewormer,” AKA Ivermectin, as part of his successful regimen.

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The far-left outlet ignored how Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize winning drug for humans, or that Rogan got the medication from his physician.

None of that stopped CNN, or other news outlets, from spinning the facts against him.

Will Russell Brand get Joe Rogan’d next?

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The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star once channeled his off-screen energies toward socialist causes. He fought against western capitalism and even western culture. He stood to the Left of even most Hollywood stars, and he shared it across YouTube and elsewhere.

The “new” Brand” sounds a bit different. He’s sympathetic to Trump supporters, for example. And, more recently, he’s excoriating mainstream media for not telling us the whole story on a variety of issues … like the current pandemic.

It’s why he broke down the CNN/Rogan kerfuffle, cheering the latter’s willingness to expand his mind while reporters rush to shut down free thought.

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Brand’s Oct. 20 broadcast shared why the media fears someone like Rogan, an entertainer learning on the fly from independent experts via his Spotify podcast. Reporters want to push Narrative A, B and C, and anyone intellectually honest enough to seek info on his or her own is a threat.

Rogan himself lambasted CNN for its dishonest reporting on his COVID-19 treatment. If CNN will like about his situation, Rogan argued, what else will it lie about? Russia, perhaps?

Brand went even further.

“You can’t use [CNN] as a news source. You can watch it as entertainment, but you might as well be watching ‘The Waltons,'” Brand said in the podcast.

Earlier in the podcast, Brand shared a new Gallup poll showing trust in the mainstream media had fallen to its second-lowest rating on record.

In all, 7% of U.S. adults say they have “a great deal” and 29% “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in newspapers, television and radio news reporting — which, combined, is four points above the 32% record low in 2016, amid the divisive presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In addition, 29% of the public currently registers “not very much” trust and 34% have “none at all.”

Brand, for one, isn’t surprised, and he has some advice for those seeking honest brokers of the news.

“You should use news sources … outside of this matrix of treachery,” he said, citing Rogan, his own podcast and the wildly popular “Breaking Points” podcast as examples. “[The matrix is]there in order to accept advertising and lobbying money from established corporate sources which means it has to operate compliantly and in alliance with the government. So you’re not gonna get honest information from those sources.”

What’s Brand’s goal with this critique, and others like it?

“I don’t trust no media. I don’t trust no political parties. My interest is in us forming news ways of communicating that lead to the maximum amount of freedom for us as individuals and as communities,” he said.

And, as it turns out, Brand has a new fan in the entertainment realm.

“Russell Brand has become my favorite new independent journalist,” Rogan said during a recent “Experience.” “He’s this really open-minded, well informed journalist .. he’s reading these facts and he’s cracking jokes, and he’s funny.”

Brand wrapped this episode with an empowering call to arms.

“All of you have valuable things to offer. We’re continually told that our role is to consumer information, to consume products, but we have much more to offer than that. All of us are individuals with agency, ideas, dreams, potential and possibility, and we should be exploring them together because it’s gonna take every single one of us to change the world and create something more in line with who we truly are.”

This video podcast has nearly 2 millions views after just seven days.

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