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Right-leaning ‘Private American’ canceled by Kickstarter, Daily Kos (UPDATED)

Elon Musk's Twitter Files bombshell shows fraction of Left's censorship plans

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover did more than restore unfairly banned accounts to the platform.

The billionaire exposed the corruption and bias behind the scenes at the tech giant. The Twitter Files, an ongoing series revealing how Twitter operated on CEO Jack Dorsey’s watch, may have been downplayed by the corrupt press.

Clear-thinking souls understood what it meant.

One of the largest communication platforms on the planet worked aggressively to censor views it found … inconvenient. The list of said views is too exhaustive to include here, but the banning of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the heat of a presidential campaign is all you need to know.

It’s a shame Musk can’t buy other tech platforms, too. That might go a long way to bringing some sanity, and free expression, back to the culture.

Just ask the team behind “Private American.”

This is what happens when non-leftists make comics | Mike Baron thrown under the bus

The graphic novel features a Cuban-American ex-Green Beret doing what the U.S. government won’t. He secures the U.S. border from drug traffickers and other dangers to society. It’s a vigilante yarn with a ripped-from-the-headlines appeal.

The genre goes back decades, including “Death Wish,” “Dirty Harry” and, more recently, “Peppermint.”

The Biden administration won’t secure the U.S. border, even if its gaslighting spokesperson blames Republicans for the problem. Enter artists who see a creative opportunity, one brimming with social significance.

That stance makes “Private American” problematic in the eyes of the censorious Left, and they are doing all they can to snuff it out.


Like many projects that don’t adhere to the Left’s worldview (“Gosnell,” “The Chosen,” “My Son Hunter,” “Isom“), “Private American” turned to the American public to support it. The graphic novel’s team set up a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo to raise funds for the book’s completion.

And that’s when the trouble began.

Private American | The Graphic Novel

The pre-Musk Twitter permanently banned the title’s account without justification. Then, shadow-banned its campaign, making it all but impossible to find its page without a direct link.

The creative team opened a second crowdfunding campaign at to raise funds for the project. Enter the cartoonishly far-Left Daily Kos. The site ran a hit piece on “Private American,” making up lies about the story in question (which isn’t available to the public yet) to smear it as racist without evidence.

“‘Punisher’ Creator Releases Another Racist AF Comic Book,” blared the headline (Editor’s Note: We will not link to the original piece). “Private American” author Mike Baron wrote for Marvel’s “Punisher” title but didn’t create the character, nor did the article prove Baron penned a previous “racist” tome.

Within days officially banned the project’s crowdfunding page. The reason? The content goes against its policies, without citing specifics.

Sound frightening? Of course. It’s only a fraction of the culture war battles raging across America. The Left wants to crush free speech, and it’s got an impressive head start.

Comedians who tell “inconvenient” jokes find their work punished by Big Tech giants. Twitter alternatives like Parler felt the full force of the woke Left when Amazon, Apple and Google banned their apps from their respective stores under the flimsiest of rationales.

Even when conservatives find innovative ways to share their views they’re met with hostility and censorship. Pro-life films struggle against this, too, witness the obstacles facing “Unplanned” before its 2019 release.

And the press looks the other way, unable to rally for free expression if it leans in any way, shape or form to the Right.


No mainstream comic book publisher would touch “Private American.” Its pro-border control message is a non-starter. Yet when Baron’s team tried to fund the project independently other platforms did all they could to stop it.

Naturally, comic book giants won’t say a word about this situation. Hollywood will stay silent, as it does with other free speech matters. The ACLU won’t address the matter, either, even though it speaks to the heart of its mission.

Musk, for all his flaws, has shown the chaos, and corruption, at mega platforms like Twitter. He also inadvertently revealed something else.

It’s just the tip of the censorial iceberg.

UPDATE: Chris Braly, “Private American’s” editor and campaign manager, agrees. Braly calls the attacks on his book “insane.”

“The opaqueness of these Trust & Safety boards, and their arbitrary rulings should be far more transparent,” Braly says. “Had we known anything about our pre-approved campaign would get us suspended, we’d have made necessary changes to prevent any suspension. We were not afforded that opportunity.”

Braly’s team is mulling legal action to address the matter.

SECOND UPDATE: joined Kickstarter in erasing the “Private American” campaign, citing vague policy guidelines sans specifics.


  1. There is nothing wrong with this. The Liberals and Democrats just want to end free speach. You discriminating against another white person who is doing nothing wrong, making him out to be a racist when he is not. Race card is what they play to stop anyone from saying anything they disagree on. If I said the sky was blue and a Liberals thought it was light blue I would be consider racist for not excepting all shades of the sky.

  2. CRY ME A RIVER WINGERS! First of all YOU WERE STUPID TO GO TO A LIBERAL SITE looking for them to help you raise money. How DUMB is that? REAL DUMB. Have you missed PayPal et al denying financial services for ideological reasons???? Banks banning Cam-Hoars (spelling intentional)? Why wouldn’t you go to the DAILY WIRE which has ACTUAL MONEY and which is filming RIGHT WING CONTENT and even working with BANNED ACTRESS GINA CARANO? Or some other deep pocket righty? It’s like you morons expect CNN to tell your truths as if they took some vow to GOD (which they don’t believe in) to report “all ” news! Wake up. Do better.

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