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Can This Pink Floyd Feud Get Any Uglier?

New documentary pits Gilmour v. Waters again in even darker light

The best rock ‘n’ roll bands on the planet rarely get along.

For every U2, a quartet known for their off-mic harmony, there’s a Beatles, Rolling Stones or Van Halen. Rock infighting is as ubiquitous as trashed hotel rooms and sexualized groupies.

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend can’t hide their differences, but they do just that when it’s time to go on stage or record a new song.

HOWARD STERN: Roger Daltrey talks about knocking out Pete Townshend at The Who rehearsal

The Pink Floyd infighting is still legendary by those measures.

David Gilmour and Roger Waters, who many perceive as the heart of the legendary band, haven’t shared an amicable word in some time. They could make a fortune by putting aside their differences and reuniting for the sake of their fans (and wallets).

Not a chance.


Waters left the band in 1985, thinking his departure would mark the end of Pink Floyd given his outsized role in the group following co-founder Syd Barrett’s exit. Except Gilmour and his mates carried on, angering Waters in the process.

The ensuing legal battles became the stuff of legends, but Gilmour and Waters re-teamed a time or two for major charity gigs (like London’s Live 8 event in 2005). 

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Recorded at Live 8)

That was then. Now, the warring ex-partners fire shots at each other via social media and press interviews.

Earlier this year, Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson slammed Waters on social media for his alleged rage against the Jews.

Waters maintains his anger is at the state of Israel and its policies, not the Jewish people.

The latest salvo proved equally personal.

Gilmour is helping promote “The Dark Side of Roger Waters,” a documentary detailing the anti-Semitic allegations against Waters over the years, by spreading the news to his nearly 300K X followers.

The film report adds some new charges to back up those claims.

The Dark Side of Roger Waters


In the video, BBC journalist John Ware interviews Norbert Statchel, Waters’ former saxophonist, and Bob Ezrin, the music producer who helped helm Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Both men, who are Jewish, recalled experiences in which Rogers said things that were antisemitic.

The group behind the project, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, “is a volunteer-led, UK-based charity dedicated to countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.”

Waters continually denies the anti-semitic label and carries on, touring across the globe and revisiting classing Pink Floyd material.

Waters is 80. Gilmour is 77. The rock legends are still roaring in their senior years, and they’re running out of time to mend any fences before shuffling off this mortal coil.


  1. Used to love Pink Floyd when I was high. (Over 40 years ago). It’s good to be sober. Now I can laugh at myself as to how I could’ve ever enjoyed that noisy trash. They’re as bad as the friggin Beatles. Oh, and just a note to Roger, TRUMP WON! Now go have sex with yourself!

  2. “Roger is kind of the Donald Trump of rock and roll on certain levels” I’ve seen enough. Trump has done more for Israel than any president in history. Now you’re just libs vacillating in your failures.

  3. Once upon a time Pink Floyd was a truly great band. Their name was a composite of two lessor known blues men, Floyd Council and Pink Anderson. Syd Barrett was the early guiding force of the band but basically fell apart emotionally before the band (with David Gilmore) achieved superstardom. This is all old news. What REALLY happened between then and now is anyone’s guess. Everybody seems to have a stake in Pink Floyd being in, or returning to, the past. Was the post-Waters Floyd material good or even great? Perhaps, but I believe most fans would say no. And what of Roger Waters’ post-Floyd material? I suppose it was good or possibly great as well. But again most fans would probably say no. It is unfair to judge either by what preceded it. All of this sniping between Gilmore and Waters over the years has become tiresome. Their sound and success, in my opinion, was collaborative, not individual (as Waters seems to assert). They are NOT going to get back together and if they did they would not be able to achieve their earlier success to any degree primarily because Richard Wright is dead. All the rest of this stuff is about money and ego, nothing more. And does Roger Waters hate Israel and Jews? I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t look to old rock stars for guidance on geopolitical, religious, economic or any other issues of the day. Nor should anyone else for that matter.

  4. I must’ve pushed the censure button because my comment disappeared.
    So I’ll summarize. I personally boycotted the music and film industry somewhere around 2013 and have never looked back. You cannot be a profitable band or actor without bowing to Satan.

    1. i.e. Joe McCarthy was correct: education, media, movies, music, etc has been infiltrated by Judeo-Marxist Luciferians.

  5. I dunno. I listened to tDSoM a couple of times when it first came out then people I didn’t know, long haired people, roommates like me rigged a military surplus parachute up in their living and died in their sleep from the nylon melted on their heater and the album was the last thing they heard, soon after that I was introduced to the Moody Blues and I never looked back. Then in 2013I boycotted Lucifer’sTown. Then quit construction because of the constant death metal and realized 99% of all music – all music – is straight from the pit of hell.

  6. They made an entire record “Sheep” MOCKING PSALM 23.. That makes them SATANIC and you a COMPLETE MORON and FAKE CHRISTIAN as I have pointed out many times, for pining for their reunion.

      1. Calling everyone who isn’t himself an “idiot” or a “moron” made me stop paying attention to Keith a long time ago. He doesn’t realize that by acting as such, he turns people away from his belief system. In this way, he can be the only one who is saved, which is secretly his aim. (Even he hasn’t realized this yet).

  7. Roger Waters IS Pink Floyd…as much as I like the first two albums after he departed the band seems to have lost its soul.
    Water’s solo career is as epic as it is Rock n’ Roll.
    Gilmour is at best…jazz.

  8. Not a huge fan of Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left. Furthermore, I thought the ugly comments directed at him were bad enough, but now Gilmore et al are actually spending time and money to do hit-piece documentaries at him. Not a great usage of those “golden years”, in my opinion.

      1. I completely agree! Fans want to be ENTERTAINED, which I thought was the REASON OF THESE…”PERFORMERS”! I detest ANYTHING WHEN ISRAEL is brought up on talked about.. ENOUGH, already.. PERFORM and let the rest… GO ! PLEASE.

    1. He’s talented. He also tries Israel in Kangaroo court for war crimes against the Palestinians. We went to one of his concert. We left when he brought out the Pig with offensive tropes written all over it. All these stoned kids absorbing his anti-American crap was enough. We went to his first concert in Phoenix and it was amazing. The second time was so different. I have all his solo work and he’s so talented. Pink Floyd was my favorite band. Sad to see Roger being called out but it should be done.

  9. As a fan from the very, very early days (with Syd Barret) I am very, very grateful on Waters leaving Pink Floyd which was the best thing for the band. He was to full of himself and no longer considered the band as important, at heart fans knew Waters wanted the Floyd Band dead when he left. Gilmore and the rest proved Pink Floyd Band was much more and had so much more to give its fans.

      1. Simmer down, nancy. The guy has a right to his opinion. You have a right to disagree. Instead of explaining why you think he’s wrong (really? spelling?), you whine “nah-AH!!!!”. While typical today, it is pathetic and indecent.

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