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‘Dumb and Dumber’ Director: We’re F***ing Starving for R-Rated Comedies

Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly will defy woke rules with upcoming 'Ricky Stanicky'

It’s one of Hollywood’s most dramatic transformations … ever.

Peter Farrelly, who teamed with brother Bobby to direct “There’s Something About Mary,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Shallow Hal” and “Kingpin,” dropped the shtick for 2018’s “Green Book.”

The race-based drama featured the unlikely bond between a black musician (Mahershala Ali) and his bigoted driver (Viggo Mortensen).

And Farrelly won a Best Picture Oscar for his troubles.

Green Book - Official Trailer [HD]

Now, Farrelly is back with “The Greatest Beer Run Ever,” another fact-based story set during the 1960s. Zac Efron plays a patriotic man determined to support the U.S. troops in Vietnam by giving them a taste of life back home.

The film sounds as sophomoric as his past efforts, but Efron’s character learns not just the horrors of war but the government spin that set it in motion.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The far-Left interviewed Farrelly about the film, but the site also quizzed him on broader themes. What does the man responsible for so many R-rated comedies think of a genre that has all but disappeared today?

It’s been ages since a film like “The Hangover,” “Step Brothers” or “Bridesmaids” made the nation howl.

And will he pull a Todd Phillips? The “Hangover” director gave up the genre to make 2019’s “Joker,” realizing the woke culture would suffocate any attempts to make us laugh.

Farrelly isn’t ready to give up comedy yet.


He’s prepping a new, R-rated romp right now. His upcoming “Ricky Stanicky,” which he hopes will star Efron and John Cena, will be unabashedly R-rated.

The story follows a group of men who blame their misbehaviors on a fictional buddy named, what else, Ricky Stanicky. When pressured by the women in their lives, they hire someone to pretend to be that figure, but things soon spiral out of control.

Why would Farrelly attempt a bawdy, bro-tastic comedy in this day and age?

I think R-rated comedies are going to come back with a vengeance. Very soon, people are going to be f*cking starving for R-rated comedies, and they are already ….That’s the opportunity now for somebody to break out with an R-rated comedy and the whole world is going to see it and they’re going to say, why can’t we have more of this? I miss them.

Farrelly never mentions the “w” word in the conversation. He’s a Hollywood pro who understands when it’s time to ruffle feathers, and when it’s better to be sly. Deadline presses him on those who get offended by comedy today, and his answer is both wise and diplomatic.

I know each group that has a beef with whatever comedy is out there, they have their reasons for having the beef. And I do support all these groups. But there is something about making fun of ourselves, and I miss that, when we could do it and everybody would laugh even though they know that’s about them.

Could “Ricky Stanicky,” which once had James Franco playing the title character, be the comedy smart missile that destroys Woke, Inc.? Farrelly hints that’s his plan.

“I’ve been trying to do [this movie] for 10 years and I think its time has come.”


  1. R Rated comedies have died because they can’t show naked women or they’ll be unemployed the next day. Now all nude scenes are fat naked men running around in public or women barging into men’s locker rooms. Every ‘funny’ movie, TV show and commercial make fools of white men. It’s the only game in town.

  2. How about a remake of Amon N Andy? Oh wait – we had that in the White House a few years back! Seriously, the flooding of tv with black shows and movies just might be one of the reasons for such a lack of good shows and movies! When you have Juicy SMAHHLEHT types in every show the public won’t tune in! There’s a channel – BET – Black Entertainment Television. Could there be a WET?? NOOOO!!! because THAT would be racist! Nearly every commercial has a black man and white woman – usually both very attractive and fit. If it’s a white man and black woman the man is depicted as inept and ridiculous while the usually unattractive black woman is the brains of the outfit! Who wants to watch that complete bigotry in a MOVIE?? Make movies that are funny and leave the social justice/DEMOcrat political bs out of it!
    Also, let’s CLEAN up the shows! No need for “f” this “f-ing f that f-er” that in nearly every sentence! Another peeve – the “N” word!! It’s offensive and should not be spoken – RIGHT?? SO don’t allow it in movies, rap, or general public! I’m sure there are other words people can use!

  3. You all mentioned all these lukewarm (somewhat humorous) movies. Can any of you imagine Blazing Saddles being released with today’s whiney children and their even whinier enablers “woking” all over themselves?!?

  4. maybe if the industry wasn’t so rasist and fearful of offending anyone, they would make some funny movies. I welcome the movie industries demise. The theater industry going broke will help that dream come true.

  5. If Jordan Peele would stop trying to become the next M. Night Shyamalan–in every way–then I think he has a great comedy movie in him.

    1. No dude.. we are NOT.. Family people can’t take their children to thes types of movies. Bet you would do better with family friendly comedies

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