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Patti Lupone: Christian Right Is No Different from al-Qaida

Patti LuPone was cursing out President Donald Trump long before Robert De Niro got into the act.

The 69-year-old Broadway legend once said she wouldn’t perform if Trump entered a theater she was about to perform in.

Warning: Mature language in this short red carpet interview:

Another profanity-laced attack on Trump got less media attention, though.

Patti LuPone on Donald J. Trump

She smiles about the headlines the former comments created during a chummy interview with the liberal British paper The Guardian. She also teed off on another topic of note, one that seemingly has little to do with Trump.

The interview didn’t ask LuPone any questions about faith or Christianity. The star volunteered the following comment all the same.

Once again, she seemed utterly enamored of her own hot take.

LuPone, discussing her work in the Stephen Sondheim musical “Company,” opened up about her future plans but served up a segue all her own.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, LuPone insists she’s ready to slow down. She has an Italian passport (“which means I belong to 28 countries!” she says, sticking the Brexit knife into me) and she dreams of travelling “this beautiful Earth” with her husband. “I want the quiet life,” she sighs longingly, then immediately goes into a furious rant about how “the Christian right in America is no different from al-Qaida. Print that, because someone needs to say it out loud!”

The Guardian’s reporter cheered on her moral equivalence.

And then, suspecting she’s just started another almighty row, she makes another big cackle.

To be fair, LuPone apparently hated Trump before he officially entered the political scene. When New York Magazine asked her what she thought of the real estate mogul back in 2013 she cracked that she wished he would get a $400 haircut. She also said he’s the thing she hates the most about her beloved home state.

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