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Studio Mocks Christians to Promote Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Immaculate’

Neon weaponizes offended social media accounts to market indie horror film

Imagine a movie studio promoting a film by amplifying Islamic outrage against it.

You can’t. It’s impossible.

The same holds for most major religions. Antisemitism is flaring on the far-Left, meaning a movie studio would be loathe to target that community at this point.

Christians? It’s fair game.


Neon, the distributor of the new Sydney Sweeney horror film “Immaculate,” is weaponing Christians offended by it to promote the indie shocker.

IMMACULATE Trailer (2024) Sydney Sweeney

Here’s the film’s official description:

Sydney Sweeney stars as Cecilia, an American nun of devout faith, embarking on a new journey in a remote convent in the picturesque Italian countryside. Cecilia’s warm welcome quickly devolves into a nightmare as it becomes clear her new home harbors a sinister secret and unspeakable horrors.

Sweeney’s character ends up pregnant during the film without the benefit of intercourse.

It’s standard horror stuff, given recent films that also blended faith and shocks. Think “Nefarious,” the “Nun” franchise, “The Conjuring” series and “Deliver Us.”

The Hollywood Reporter says Neon pounced on select social media outrage following the film’s release.

With a premise like that, naturally, Immaculate is drawing ire from Christian and conservative communities. The very end of the film in particular seems to be striking a nerve. Rather than issue any sort of statement or apology, Neon — the studio behind the project — has decided to lean into the controversy as a part of its marketing strategy.


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Hollywood’s relationship with Christianity is complicated. It’s been that way for some time.

The rise of small, faith-based hits like “God’s Not Dead” and “War Room” showed the industry there’s profit to be found in Christian crowds. In recent years major studios like Sony and Lionsgate began courting this sizable community.

“The Chosen” remains one of the most popular TV shows across the globe. Amazon and Netflix recently announced news deals with faith-friendly stories.

The industry still views the community with enough disdain to mock it in the open.

The right-leaning Bounding into Comics dismissed “Immaculate” in its review.

Immaculate is a retread of the same Catholic formula that we have seen done to death over the last several years.

Art is subjective. Always. Artists can tell the tales they wish in a free society.

It’s still fascinating to see a Hollywood studio insult Christians to score marketing points. That attitude will only help rising platforms like Angel Studios when they reach out to Christian audiences with love, not mockery.


  1. I love horror movies. I mean the truly twisted make you think twice about the ordinary things in life kind as well as the gore slashathons.
    This isn’t original or even interesting enough to do more than bore me.
    Add it to the scream queen pile and move on.
    That’s what will hurt them the most. Being ignored.
    Should be easy with content like that.

  2. We all know why Hollywood and the media in general won’t hesitate to rip Christianity and Judaism but won’t touch Islam with a 10-foot pole.
    It’s because Christians and Jews don’t cut your head off of blow up a restaurant you’re dining in if they’re mad at you.
    There, I said it.

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