‘Nefarious’: DVD Unmasks Battle Between Good and Evil

Sean Patrick Flanery delivers chilling turn as tortured death row inmate

Warning: The review below may challenge the beliefs of nonbelievers who dismiss faith and deny the possibility of possession.

Picture a fusion of “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Exorcist” and “Primal Fear,” seasoned with a touch of “Screwtape Letters.” It’s a formula for success, yet Hollywood resisted fully supporting it.

Despite industry resistance and limited screens, the result is a cinematic experience that has defied the odds. “Nefarious” is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

NEFARIOUS Official Trailer (2023) Horror Movie HD

The premise seems simple enough: Edward Wayne Brady (Sean Patrick Flanery), a convicted murderer, is awaiting interrogation. But this is no ordinary crime story – Brady is a vessel for the demon Nefarius, seeking escape from his human host through an impending execution in the electric chair.

Or so Brady says.

Enter Dr. James Martin (Jordan Belfi), a psychiatrist who staunchly declares himself an atheist. Tasked with evaluating Brady’s sanity and determining his fate, Martin becomes an unwitting participant in a much darker battle.

Nefarious reveals that he chose Martin for a sinister reason – to commit three murders before their session concludes.

What unfolds is far more than a psychological duel; it’s a clash of the spiritual realms, a confrontation that challenges the very fabric of one’s beliefs. Nefarious, a name derived from the Latin “Nefarium,” asserts his dominance, saying Martin’s credentials and expertise are irrelevant.

He was chosen by infernal forces, reminiscent of the demonic mentoring in C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters.”

Flanery’s portrayal of Nefarious is captivating, embodying a character afflicted with bipolar tics, a vessel for the malevolent forces within. Belfi’s Dr. Martin represents a blend of stodgy morality intended to counter this supernatural conflict. The supporting cast, including Tom Ohmer, James Healy Jr. and Cameron Arnett, complements the leads effectively.

Adapted from Steve Deace’s best-selling book “A Nefarious Plot,” the film employs dialogue as its driving force, delivering a soul-stirring drama that captivates and challenges.

A breath of faith, “Nefarious” serves as a poignant commentary on our contemporary era. Dr. Martin, representing the epitome of “woke” ideals, contends that humanity has never been more enlightened – citing increased literacy rates and perceived progress in addressing racism, gender inequality and intolerance.

He even asserts that the moral high ground was reclaimed through modern politics.

Yet, Nefarious is unrelenting in offering counter-arguments, calling out Dr. Martin’s virtue signaling. The demon unveils uncomfortable truths that lurk beneath the veneer of progress – the irony of wealthy basketball players denouncing racism while sporting sneakers made by exploited labor and the existence of modern-day slavery in human trafficking.

Amid the intellectual and spiritual sparring, the film poses a haunting question: Can one face a demon without facing their own moral standing? Audiences are challenged to question their skepticism when confronted with malevolent evil.

Steve Deace Talks Nefarious Movie | @stevedeace

“Nefarious” dismantles the facade of modern assumptions about the psycho-spiritual realm, unearthing the consequences of denying the existence of evil. It’s a cinematic confrontation, compelling viewers to recognize forces that transcend human comprehension.

Remarkably, the film extends beyond its narrative.

The story behind its creation mirrors its themes – initially hindered by Hollywood’s forces, it gained momentum through grassroots word-of-mouth. “Nefarious” emerges as an evergreen tale, now available on DVD and streaming platforms, offering a reflection of the pervasive influence of glitz that distracts from profound issues.

FAST FACT: “Nefarious” earned $5.4 million at the U.S. box office but has made north of $7 million since its VOD release.

The film stands as a direct challenge to the prevailing cultural narrative. Just as the protagonist confronts the demon, the filmmakers courageously defy media censorship.

Their creation calls for open-mindedness, reminding us that our world is more intricate than politics, genetics, and paychecks.

Ultimately, “Nefarious” isn’t just entertainment; it compels viewers to witness the ongoing battle between good and evil and comprehend the forces that exploit human vulnerability – particularly among our most precious children.

“Nefarious” warns that dismissing the belief in evil can lead to a living hell on earth. As this haunting spiritual duel reveals, denying the existence of evil doesn’t extinguish it; instead, it paves the way for its unchecked dominion.

Robert Orlando, B.F.A., School of Visual Arts, is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who founded Nexus Media. As an award-winning writer and director, he has released more than a dozen movies, including the thought-provoking documentaries “Silence Patton,” “The Divine Plan” and “Trump’s Rosebud.” His latest book and film is “The Shroud: Face to Face,” hitting bookstores and theaters later this year. 

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