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Film Site Says Faith-Based ‘Nefarious’ Among Most Anticipated Movies

Steve Deace's thriller tops 'Air,' 'Little Mermaid,' 'Asteroid City' and more

Christian movies are having a moment. Again.

“Jesus Revolution” passed the $50 million mark at theaters this weekend, earning far more than many Oscar-bait films released late last year.

Angel Studios’ first theatrical feature, “His Only Son,” opened in third place and scored a 95 percent “fresh” rating from audiences at Rotten Tomatoes. Last year, the same studio released episodes of its hit series “The Chosen” in theaters, and once again the cash registers rang out.

Now, an upcoming horror film with a spiritual twist is making noise online.

Nefarious,” written and directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon of “God’s Not Dead” fame, follows a psychiatrist (Jordan Belfi) tasked with debunking a death row inmate (Sean Patrick Flanery) who claims he is possessed by the devil.

Nefarious | Opens In Theaters April 14

The independent film is based on books by Blaze TV host Steve Deace. His following, combined with the chilling trailer, apparently made it a must-see event in some people’s eyes.

The Web site tracks anticipation levels for upcoming movies. The site had “Nefarious” as the number-one most anticipated film yesterday ahead of “Air,” “Asteroid City” and other films featuring big stars and major studio support.

Here’s how the site measures its anticipatory film results: 

This chart shows the future movie releases that have attracted the most interest on The Numbers web site over the past 24 hours.

“Super Mario Bros. Movie” jumped over “Nefarious” earlier today to snag the top spot, with “Nefarious” an impressive second-place finisher.

That video game film is expected to make $85-$90 million when it opens on April 5. “Nefarious” likely won’t come near those figures, but lower-budgeted films can make a fraction of that amount and still make a profit.

Faith-based movies are well known for doing just that, drawing sizable crowds that quickly pay off the respective investments.

Films like “War Room,” “Fireproof” and “God’s Not Dead” all made their initial investments back many times over. The latter earned $60 million from a $2 million budget.

The faith-based film market routinely surprises Hollywood prognosticators. “Nefarious” may do just that when it hits select theaters April 14.


  1. I saw it this past weekend. I don’t care for horror movies or psychological mind benders, so I had to push myself to go. For a low budget flick it was well done, definitely some discomforting moments during the movie and the acting by Sean Flannery was top notch. It was supposedly a modern retelling of the Screw Tape Letters and the way it was loosely done was interesting. Some won’t like it because of the spiritual things it brings up, but it will certainly make you think twice about ever visiting a palm reader or playing with a Ouija board.

  2. I just saw Nefarious at a Saturday matinee.
    I haven’t been in a movie theater since Covid, but I didn’t want to wait for streaming. Steve Deace and Glenn Beck hyped it pretty heavily on their shows and convinced me to go and see it. I thought it was worth the trip.
    Sean Patrick Flanery commanded every second.
    Most chilling for me was the way “Nefarious” revealed the shrink’s own horrific evil. The Doc went in a complete “woke” pharasee, and by the end, was begging for God’s help. I think we all could use a dose of that reality.
    I did not like Glen Beck showing up. He took me out of the movie and will probably turn off the horror fans that Deace claims he wants to reach.

  3. Love will always win; those against Love will fail. It’s been said time and time again that Jesus is Love.

  4. Of course it tops all other upcoming films. When you ask people in a cult, what they want to see more, other cult leaders that don’t affirm their beliefs, or THEIR cult leader that does affirm their beliefs, GUESS WHO WHO COMES OUT ON TOP? Jesus Christ. Pun intended.

    1. Shaun, Jesus loves you even though you don’t believe in him. He died on the cross for you to give you Hope and Peace. Nothing else in this World can fill that void in life that only God can fill. Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace.

    2. Sounds like this is the perfect movie for you. Apparently you’re on the side of the guy on death row.

  5. This may be a pretty good movie, but I have to say that is probably THE most IRRITATING trailer I’ve ever watched. Probably just me, but the scene-to-black over and over and over and over and over…. Just pissed me off.
    There has to be a better way to convey the drama

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