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NBC, Comedy Central Silent on Writer’s Toxic Trump Tweet

This week we’ve seen what happens when an employee shares a vicious sentiment on social media.

CBS canned legal executive Hayley Geftman-Gold after she penned the following on Facebook about the victims of the Las Vegas shooter: “I’m actually not even sympathetic [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Ugly to the core. And it’s hard to know what’s more shocking: that she thought she could get away with sharing the sentiment or that she posted it in the first place.

Not everyone who fires off a similarly vile message on social media endures the same reaction. Take Jen Statsky. She’s a former “Tonight Show” scribe who now writes for both Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and NBC’s “The Good Place.”

Statsky, who apparently is a liberal based upon her Twitter comments, fired off this vile sentiment over the weekend.

The comments are still up as of today.

Hollywood in Toto reached out to the publicity departments of both Comedy Central and NBC for a reaction to her Tweet. Did they support what she said? Might she be reprimanded for sharing such a totalitarian sentiment? Or, did the companies disagree with her thoughts but defend her rights to say them?

None of the above. Neither channel responded to the press requests. Why? Here are some possibilities:

  • Calm down, it’s a joke. Sure, it’s not remotely funny, but comics shouldn’t be punished for a (very, very) bad joke (except when they are. Just ask Gilbert Gottfried)
  • The target is Trump voters, so neither Comedy Central nor NBC felt compelled to rise up in their defense.
  • There’s no mass uprising in the press about Statsky’s comments (Twitchy picked them up. So did The Washington Examiner. They represent a right-of-center outlets that mainstream media types typically ignore)

In a perfect world, sharing a single gross, cruel or wildly inappropriate comment shouldn’t get someone fired. That’s the world the progressives have crafted, though.

Remember Justine Sacco? Her world was turned upside down after she sent out a tone deaf joke on Twitter tied to AIDS in Africa.

One joke.

Statsky’s joke was worse. Why? Intent means everything with humor. And everyone knows what she meant with her Tweet.

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  1. There is no outrage because no one is listening anymore. American’s are rolling their eyes at the Left’s petulant hissy fit. The daily outrage coming from the Left since the election has caused many, even reasonable Democrats, to tune out and turn off. American’s have better things to do with their lives and to borrow a phrase from the Left, we are “woke.”

  2. Revolting. If it ever does take off, of course, you’ll hear her whining about people being mean to her about it. What a skank.

  3. cut my cable cord and bought a roku stick
    many apps free
    don’t watch regular tv anymore
    hardley watch tv at all
    and surprisingly don’t miss it

    and i am doing my part in starving the beasts
    especially, the cable tv reality news shows that star the anchor,not the news

    i am surprised at how i don’t miss regular tv

  4. Keep in mind who we are really dealing with here. That is, Comcast – Brian L. Roberts CEO. That’s who you should be directing your ire at.
    And, Comcast is a multinational mass-media, communications and entertainment conglomerate, a non-productive corporation that buys, controls and sells productive corporations. And if you think this is just another private corporation, this one tried to buy the Democrat party ( ).
    Now, this conglomerate CEO doesn’t control day to day operations of the subsidiaries, he hires and fires the people who do.
    Comcast also owns and controls NBC Universal which in turn owns NBC, and
    —CNBC, —MSNBC, —Telemundo, — E! Entertainment, — Golf Channel, — NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), — Universal Parks & Resorts,– Universal Pictures,— it’s a mega-may-TV channel operator— it’s a mega-ISP provider etc.
    Comcast even bought its own critics. Rotten Tomatoes was acquired by leading movie ticketing website Fandango, a unit of Comcast’s NBC Universal. Warner Bros., supposedly a “competitor” to Universal PIctures, holds a minority stake in the merged companies.
    That is, NBC’s SNL is only one of Comcast’s many many propaganda outlets.
    Comcast, and Roberts, is one of only six such multinational conglomerates, all with an agenda in common of globalism/internationalism as a goal (i. e., anti-America as an independent nation), that own and operate the entire TV universe you see, and half of Hollywood.
    Now, does SNL’s “attitude” and indifference to criticism make better sense to you? Just look at who they all work for.

      1. That would only work to spare you the blizzard of b.s. that emanates from their outlets, but would do nothing to solve the bigger political problem that the oligopoly described presents to the nation and our government.

  5. Ugh. Big Betty Crocker display ad with no “close” button taking up the entire left side of my phone screen, overlaying the text and not letting me hit reply buttons. Ads are out of control.

  6. CBS hosts the annual Country Music Awards and their popular show, The Voice, features Country music star Blake Shelton. Their lawyer’s facebook post callously dismissed some of CBS’s audience.

    Stasky’s tweet insults the same people her shows insult, and appeals to the desired audience of Comedy Central.

    There’s your difference, and why Stasky remains employed.

  7. She’s a writer and she uses “etc., etc.”? She should have her children taken away… (sarcasm).

    She clearly doesn’t understand what “etc” actually means. Just like the people who say “ATM Machine” (automated teller machine machine).

    1. Eh, I can forgive that, but I wonder what does she mean by “etc.”? Rounded up and put into camps? Seriously, what was she thinking of?

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