Industry NewsOpinion Calls for Comedians to Censor Themselves (Indefinitely)

Network lists comedy rules to obey or nonexistent Cancel Culture will strike

MSNBC hearts Sarah Silverman.

Not only does the stand-up comedienne lean aggressively to the Left, she also apologizes for past jokes that may have hurt someone’s feelings.

That’s a twofer for a news network yet to apologize for promoting the Russian collusion hoax for multiple years.

Now, is using the arrival of Silverman’s upcoming Max comedy special, “Someone You Love,” to lecture us about Humor, Inc.

Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love | Official Trailer | HBO

Silverman once shot from the comedic hip, slaying audiences with her raw humor. Now, she toes the woke line, avoiding all the off-limit targets but excoriating the Right early and often. She brags she’s free from Cancel Culture’s grip, but when a comic follows all the approved narratives you know the mob won’t come their way.

The MSNBC op-ed shifts from Silverman to the “new” comedy rules, because there’s nothing that inspires great humor like creative guidelines.

The author, MSNBC columnist Jacques Berlinerblau, is such a whiz at analyzing comedy that he isn’t sure Cancel Culture exists in the space.

Here’s a pro tip: It does, and the examples are endless.

Later, Berlinerblau argues comedians must always punch up, not down (a comedy saw that gets shoved aside if the people in the latter category are conservatives or Christians).

The worst part is yet to come.


Berlinerblau advises comedians to self-censor, which is another way to promote censorship.

Free speech purists and libertarians might respond to this five-step program by fulminating: Voluntary self-censorship! Slippery slope! Isn’t art about liberty, man?

Maybe, man. But perhaps comedians ought temporarily ease off the un-nuanced — and even Silverman’s more nuanced — punch down shtick. Just for now. Just until America divests itself of irrational hatreds and inequality in like a half century. Or half a millennia. Or whenever the Messiah comes.

Dern those free speech purists! What do they know about humor, right? George Carlin clearly knew less than Berlinerblau, by all accounts.

So did Lenny Bruce.

Thankfully, MSNBC has saved both comedy and sanity by giving us the proper guide rules for humor moving forward. Let’s hope Hannah Gadsby gives this op-ed a long, thoughtful look and changes her act accordingly.


  1. Like, the Woke Mob’s core belief is all about “irrational hatred”. Their motto is, like, destroy anyone who disagrees with you. Like, look at Kamalala Ding Dong. She created a defense fund for those arrested in the nightly summer riots. “Divests itself of inequality”? Does that mean, like, equal voting rights, man? Then why battle any voting recounts or auditing, man?
    It seems the only humor from the Woke Mob is their virtue signalling of “voices heard” and “irrational hatred”. Like, that’s funny.

  2. “Or whenever the Messiah comes.”

    Yeah, no. He’s ALREADY COME and when HE COMES BACK he’s going to DESTROY people like the moron who wrote these guidelines. ONLY FAKE Christians think He’s coming back to once again walk the sea shore spouting wisdom ACTUAL CHRISTIANS understand that when He comes back, his enemies DIE BLOODY.

    Revelation 19:11
    And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

  3. MSNBC news is a joke. a delusional, illogical Socialist liberal and sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of s- hit by the clean end!

  4. How ‘bout a boycott of all cable companies and streaming services that carry MSNBC? I’ve already cut the cord a long time ago.

  5. It really is amazing how quickly we embraced the world of 1984. Remember when the Taliban was handed Afghanistan by the Biden regime? And remember their first acts were to target comedians? In a few years MSNBC will be “suggesting” reeducation camps for comedians that didn’t follow the rules. And we know how it goes from there.

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