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‘Problematic’ Host Kasher Vows Fair Debate on Guns

Moshe Kasher has his work cut out for him.

The host of Comedy Central’s new show “Problematic,” debuting at 10 p.m. EST tonight, will cover our social media age.

Or should we say, “rage?”

Yes, just about every topic today, from war and peace to cultural appropriation, is grist for social media trolls. We’re getting angrier as a culture, or at least our Tweets and Facebook posts suggests that’s the case.

Enter Kasher, a young stand-up hoping to bring some sanity to the conversation.  The weekly show “promises to pull the country out of digital echo chambers and information bubbles and into an actual discussion,” according to the show’s press release.

Here’s more from Comedy Central:

Each episode of Problematic will delve into a single topic of online outrage – such as impeachment, the dark web, cultural appropriation, ideological changes of heart, the liberal case for guns, and more – and examine how it shapes our culture. With the help of experts, comedians, and questions from both the in-studio and online audience, Kasher will solve every problem that has ever existed by the end of the episode, bringing peace and harmony to the internet once and for all while paving the way for a Oprah/Schwarzenegger co-presidency in 2020.

The “liberal” case for guns? Hmm.

Kasher broached the subject during a recent chat with The A.V. Club to promote the show. The comic admitted he’s not a gun guy by any stretch. That doesn’t mean his mind is shut on the subject.

“…that’s the perfect example of an issue that I don’t necessarily agree with the premise of, and yet I see that there is an argument for … I don’t like guns personally. I’ve looked into them. They’re not for me. They make me very uncomfortable. But I also recognize that there is a counterargument to the gun control argument that isn’t just a bunch of stupid, murderous, wild people going, “Give me my guns!” There’s a deeper conversation to be had there, and just because I happen to know where I fall into that conversation doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have that conversation.”

A late night comedian willing to look past liberal talking points? How refreshing. And unexpected.

Of course, Kasher may be talking a good moderate game to gin up interest in the show. It wouldn’t be the first time. Larry Wilmore waxed poetic about his moderate ambitions for Comedy Central’s short-lived “The Nightly Show.”

That was before Wilmore sat stone-faced while a guest called Sen. Ted Cruz a Nazi.

And the upcoming Sarah Silverman talk show also promises a more balanced take on the latest headlines. Yet the star and the company behind the effort (Funny or Die) share a consistently liberal track record with little room for other opinions.

A quick peek at Kasher’s comic resume reveals he’s as left of center as most modern comics. That’s not a problem if he sticks to his word.

Will he? Could late night finally have a fair and balanced comedy broker? We’ll start finding out soon enough.

Photo Credit: Ali Goldstein

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