How Mock, Daisy Make Conservatism Downright Hilarious

The Indianapolis-based 'Chicks on the Right' are ahead of the pop culture curve.

The Chicks on the Right preach to the conservative choir, but their sermons still attract the other side.

Mock (Miriam Weaver) and Daisy (Amy Jo Clark) bring plenty of laughs to both their Indianapolis radio show and “The Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast.”

The results? A legion of hardcore conservative fans plus some listeners from Blue State USA. It’s part of the duo’s mirth offensive, one which fellow conservatives are finally starting to grasp.

HiT reached out to the Chicks to find out why they joined the podcast revolution, how conservatives are faring in the Meme Wars and what progressives still haven’t learned from the 2016 election. Editor’s note: Mock and Daisy elected to answer as one voice – something that won’t come as a surprise to their long-time listeners.

HiT: We first connected back in 2014. Do you think conservatives are embracing pop culture, from memes to social media, better these days? How can they improve in this arena?

Chicks: Most conservatives, at a minimum, have come to terms with the idea that we need to meme it up just as intensely as the left does, and it seems in many ways conservatives have taken the social media ball and really run with it.

Embracing the inextricable link between politics and pop culture is not a problem for most conservatives – it’s the fact that celebrities and actors and singers who largely make up today’s pop culture are such complete leftist morons – or they’re conservatives who are too afraid to say OUT LOUD that they are.

We are constantly struggling with the fact that we enjoy what they produce, and yet hate what they stand for.

Is This Appropriate? Yay Or Neigh?

HiT: Funny is the secret sauce for the best conservative talkers – from your show’s tone and great impressions (Bernie Sanders!) to Andrew Klavan’s riotous opening monologues. How else can conservatives weaponize humor in 2020 … and can you share other conservatives who thrive in this arena?

Chicks: Completely agree! We have always felt that relating to people in a way that doesn’t sound lecture-y, or overly wonky, or too serious is the best way to bring people into the conservative community. We frequently hear from Democrats who listen to our show who say, “I don’t agree with much that you say, but I can’t help liking you.” And if we want this country to ever be more unified, doesn’t it start with just a simple warm regard for others?

We are huge fans of the kind of humor used by the best satirists. No one crafts a more deliciously, wickedly funny headline than the Babylon Bee. And we’re huge fans of Titania McGrath, too.

HiT: Pundits in the Age of Trump get quite a bit wrong. You’re in constant touch with your fans via your radio show, the podcast, Facebook and your Web site. What’s simmering out there in the public that the media isn’t picking up on about the 2020 elections?

Chicks: They’re in denial about the same things they were in denial about in 2016, so that’s unfortunate for them. They screech about the right being a bunch of racist, sexist, misogynist, whatever-ist anti-intellectuals, and we’re over here like, “um…your two front-running candidates are two old, rich white dudes, but thanks for lecturing us. AGAIN.”

They simply can’t seem to point fingers where they actually need to be pointed. Also, they’re in a perpetual state of denial about their collective ability to rally the right whenever they focus on stories that they believe cast Trump in a negative light but that his supporters don’t actually care about.

The most recent example is when Trump joked about not having been able to touch his face for a month and saying he missed it.

The immediate reaction by the media was to prove him wrong – and show photos of him touching his own face. It’s a waste of time, it shows a total inability to understand his sense of humor, and a complete disregard for Actual News that genuinely affects people’s day to day lives. The more they do that, the more unified his supporters become.

How Not To Ask For Help From The Chicks

HiT: Last year you joined the podcast revolution via “Mock and Daisy’s Common Sense Cast,” all the while continuing your Indianapolis radio show. What sparked that decision, and what has the podcast taught you that you didn’t learn from your traditional radio career?

Chicks: We wanted an additional outlet where we wouldn’t have to censor ourselves in any way, where we could spend more time focusing on how today’s cultural and political issues affect us and our families personally and where we could talk a little more intimately with our followers.

HiT: Cancel Culture isn’t going away. Have you faced anything like it in recent years and do you think the problem is getting worse … or is common sense finally rebounding on this front?

Chicks: We can only hope that pendulum is going to center itself. The resignation of Chris Matthews was a surprise. He’s a detestable person, sure, but it seems pretty clear that he was “canceled” not because of his sleaziness towards women over the past few decades, but because he was speaking the truth about how dangerous of a candidate Bernie Sanders is on a channel that exists almost purely to promote Sanders-style socialist policies.

MSNBC couldn’t deal, and it’s really pathetic.

Unfortunately, we see it getting worse on platforms like Twitter, where you can no longer safely suggest there are two sexes without violating “community guidelines.”​ What’s most frightening is that we feel that this is a microcosm for our culture at large – one that’s gone completely insane for political correctness.

Chicks on the Right

HiT: Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. recently described how Hollywood blacklisted him for supporting Trump. Do you have any advice for artists from any field who meet resistance for being right-of-center?

Chicks: We can only hope that he and others stay loud and proud. We are delighted to see James Woods back in the Twittersphere. And we hope to see continued support of these folks by the Trump administration.

HiT: You’ve been on the air for a while now … how do you think your show, your partnership, as evolved over that time?

Chicks: We’ve gotten really thick skin! And we’ve learned to really make good use of the insanity displayed by the Left.

Our Wall of Shame continues to grow! (Note: Mock and Daisy repost hate email/Tweets they receive…)

We’ve also learned to trust our instincts more when it comes to choosing content and topics for our show(s) – recognizing that we’re at our best when we don’t try too hard. The best lesson we ever learned was to ignore people who try to coach us into being people we’re not. It’s our authenticity that people respond to the most and what’s fueled our longevity.

You can hear “The Chicks on the Right” from 9 – 11 a.m. weekdays on 93.1 WIBC FM in Indianapolis and well as “The Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast” on most podcast platforms.


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