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Michael Moore Hearts Extinction Rebellion. Here’s What They Do

Does the filmmaker support destruction, violence and hurting a reeling economy?

Michael Moore has had enough of the modern green movement.

The Oscar-winning director made it official late last month by unleashing his new project, for free, on YouTube.

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | A Film by Jeff Gibbs | Full Documentary

“The Planet of the Humans,” which Moore executive produced and shared via his Rumble Media platform, excoriates some of the green movement’s sacred cows:

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Power
  • Electric Cars
  • Al Gore

The documentary shreds all of the above, albeit from a decidedly progressive perspective. Solar and wind, no matter how well intentioned those who support them, can’t power the planet. Electric cars require fossil fuels, a non-starter for saving the world.

Gore may talk a good game, but he also raked in the cash by selling his network to the oil-rich Al Jazeera for $500 million.

The Nation savaged Moore’s film, going so far as to say it should be pulled from YouTube.

Planet of the Humans is wildly unscientific, outdated, full of falsehoods, and benefits fossil fuel industry promoters and climate deniers.

Pen America stepped in, demanding the film remain on the platform. Moore and co. wisely used the free speech argument to its benefit. The film now boasts more than 6.7 million YouTube views and counting.

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Moore has his eye on the bigger picture, as he sees it. The current green movement can’t save the planet. It’s time to go to the next level. For Moore, that means Extinction Rebellion (also known as XR). It’s a British-based group he “has a lot of respect for,” he said in a recent livestream event tied to the film.

XR embraces mass eco-disruptions, the likes of which we haven’t seen in western culture. Until now.

“I came across them last year and I thought, ‘wow, more of this.’ They’re like doing things I’m even afraid to do [laughs]. I had immediate admiration for them … for all of us to win this battle, to save the planet, to save our species and to be a different way than the way we’ve been .. we have to reach out to all kinds of organizations and people … we may not agree on everything, and that’s OK.”

Moore followed up that praise with an interview of Extinction Rebellion co-founder Clare Farrell.

So what, exactly, does Moore support to prevent irreversible climate change? Here’s a quick look at what XR did in recent months. National Review surveyed its actions last October and fired a dramatic report from the front lines.

XR’s London action began when some of its members sprayed beetroot juice on delegates to a fossil-fuels conference. “Eco-warriors” then used a fire hose to douse the Treasury building with 400 gallons of red paint. Breastfeeding mothers then blocked the entrance to key buildings. A protester dressed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson used scaffolding to climb to the top of Big Ben….

They hit bottom last Thursday when two activists climbed on top of commuter trains during rush hour and blocked their departure. They unfurled a banner that read “Business as Usual = Death.”

Earlier this year, the group targeted the U.K.’s Trinity College, digging up its lawns during a week-long protest aimed at stopping the school from working with fossil fuel companies.

Extinction Rebellion: a week of protest in three minutes

More recently, the Daily Mail revealed XR’s plans to piggyback on the global pandemic to hurt the reeling British economy – enduring its “worst recession in 300 years.”

Extinction Rebellion wants activists to stage rent strikes, halt tax payments and take out bank loans they never intend to repay in protest at an economic system they claim is fuelling a climate catastrophe.

Internal documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday set out plans for a ‘Money Rebellion’ involving acts of financial sabotage to ‘directly challenge the fundamental principles that govern our national and global economies’….

It seeks to legitimise the protest by arguing that ‘our economic system is causing cancer in our planet’. It adds: ‘We will resist irresponsible lenders. Some of us will legally dispute debts, others will refuse to pay debts.’

Commuters turn on Extinction Rebellion as protesters target the Tube

Some of the group’s exploits have proven less than popular. Still, many groups and leaders remain fearful and refuse to crack down during their protests.

John Fund of National Review suggested last year the XR protests may come to the States. It’s already happening, and the movement could grow from there. If so, they may thank the millionaire filmmaker’s support for the group’s global expansion.


  1. Interesting take by Michael Moore, a $50 millionaire shunning traditional green pie-in-the-sky causing wailing and the gnashing of teeth among Gaia’s most pious to cinematically proselytize for apocalyptic Mad Max-style XR “kill-them-all” eco-radicalism. As even Dylan once ruefully opined, it’s tough to be a disgruntled millionaire.

  2. This is just another case of the left not being able to get what they want through legislation or popular vote so they use judicial activism and anarchy in the streets,

  3. They wet-dream of destroying the electrical grid with the resultant elimination of 95% of humanity, including themselves. Self-hating humans.

  4. How will Moore get the pizza pies to stuff in his fat face when the ovens are shut off?
    Fat FLACID Moore is so busy telling everyone else what is wrong with THEM …. His GLUTTONY speaks volumes about Moore. FAT PIG should look to his own SINS.
    Michael Moore is worth $50,000,000. Why the HELL would he dress like a slob and go around like that? Because he is a slob? No. Because he is a simple man with an open mind? Nooooo! It’s because he wants you to THINK he’s only a poor slob.
    Moore ran from “diverse, multicultural” predominately Black Flint as soon as he got two nickles to rub together. He lives way the heck up North far away from Blacks and colored people. He did not even go back to Flint to start his “film festival” there . .. he made sure that he made his investment in a safe WHITE Northern MI. He wants nothing to do with Darkie.

  5. XR should show us the way by wearing the rope. We could crowd fund 6 feet for each one assuming an 8 foot ceiling.

  6. We need to get as many lefties as possible to watch this movie! It’s incredibly destructive to their religion. And then, after they’ve accepted that Moore is right and that it’s a completely corrupt business… then suggest to them the real truth: there is no global warming, it’s just a myth perpetuated to maintain the corrupt business.

    If you do it right – it will blow their minds

  7. When they come to the states and put my family in danger, I have enough ammo to let them think about what they are doing as their fellow terrorist’s die next to them. The days of turning the other cheek are long gone.

  8. Moore admits that he never knew where electricity comes from. One cheer for his late bout of curiousity. Many frownies for the mad conclusion he has drawn therefrom.

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