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Media Attack Screenwriter Over False Sexist Charge

The screenwriter’s profile in a recent New York Times profile bordered on insufferable. He’s still defending his 2015 flop “American Ultra,” one of last year’s worst films.

And his obvious guilt at enjoying “Boo! A Madea Halloween” is well past precious.

Yet Landis is one hundred percent right for calling out a major media outlet for insinuating he’s a sexist with zero proof.

Guess which side other outlets are on? Here’s a hint: reporters have learned nothing following Donald Trump’s electoral victory and the reasons behind it.

The Rest … of the Story

Landis recently sent out a series of tweets criticizing the new sci-fi film “Arrival.” The film stars Amy Adams as a linguist trying to understand an alien race’s complex language.

Arrival’s “emotional” subplot and relationships are among the least earned I’ve ever seen in a wide release movie … While beautifully made and full of very cool ideas, Arrival ultimately weirdly falls into the exact same category for me as Interstellar … I hope everyone goes and sees it anyway, cause it’s a incredibly executed original idea.

Pretty savage, right? And there’s not an iota of sexism in any syllable here. For that, Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson uncorked with this slam on Landis:

“Perhaps if he’s so unimpressed with the critically and commercially successful female characters and storylines in genre fare these days, Landis should show us one of his own.”

The reporter’s other “proof?” Landis criticized how Rey, the female lead in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” developed her abilities.

That’s when, to paraphrase “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Landis lost his mind.

Landis also broke down some of his most recent films, sharing their strong, complicated female characters. He shouldn’t have to do that. Landis did it all the same to shame the reporter in question.

Meanwhile, huffed that Landis has a “Twitter meltdown” over the incident. Well, when you’re personally attacked in a way that could permanently damage your career, how else should you respond? editorializes further, adding a “blah, blah blah” comment in between some of Landis’ tweets. framed the story in a similar fashion, but with less overt hostility.

Andrew Breitbart Would Approve

The scribe is simply punching back twice as hard. Good for him. He’s not apologizing or backing down. Nor should he.

Landis isn’t a rock-ribbed conservative, for what it’s worth. He spends most of his social media time these days bashing President-Elect Donald Trump.

Social Justice Warriors don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative. They simply want to exert their cultural views on others.

There are a few people who should be apologizing after this, but it’s not Landis.

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