Madison Rising Wants You … to Help Honor the Military

The campaign is called “Shows 4 Heroes,” and the page says successfully raising $25,000 would help “provide inspiring performances to military and veteran groups around the country.”

We are often asked to do shows around the country by various military and veterans groups who cannot afford to cover the cost of our travel even on occasions where we would provide the performance at a steep discount, or even for free.

Madison Rising prides itself on appealing to right-leaning citizens and veterans with songs like “Right to Bear,” a pro-Second Amendment ballad, and “Soldier’s Christmas,” a thank you to those serving in America’s armed forces. The band’s lead singer, Dave Bray, is a military veteran himself.


“S4H will enable the patriots of this nation to show their love for their troops in a unique and entertaining way … with a strong dose of freedom lovin’, flag wavin’, patriotic rock n roll!” Bray says.

Crowdfunding has become a popular tool for indie artists and established names alike as they turn straight to audiences for funding help in exchange for perks like T-shirts, exclusive merchandise and other goodies.

While famous names like Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla have recently financed passion projects through crowdfunding, there are still many that crash and burn and fade into the endless world of the Internet without much notice.

However, Madison Rising has proven their potential for success and their audience’s loyalty. They ran a strong crowdfunding campaign before through Kickstarter and their music has been featured in this year’s docudrama hit  “America” and as the theme song for Sarah Palin’s “Amazing America” series.

Madison Rising’s campaign also shows that right-leaning artists may be following in the footsteps of the recently funded (and unabashedly conservative) Gosnell TV movie project when it comes to financing and promoting artistic endeavors. The Gosnell movie broke the record as Indiegogo’s most funded project and was primarily promoted by right-leaning media and artists.

Time (and money) will tell if crowdfunding becomes the new way for these conservative projects to find their footing.

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Note: The amount Madison Rising is looking to raise via was incorrectly stated in the story’s original publishing. The article has since been corrected.

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