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Can ‘Lying Together’ Bring Rom-Coms Back?

Talk about lousy timing.

The recent parody “Isn’t It Romantic” dismantles many of the tropes tied to romantic comedies, or rom-coms for short.

  • The gay best friend
  • The grit-free Big Apple
  • The fashion montages

What’s missing? The rom-coms themselves.

The genre has been on life support for a while now, bludgeoned by too many clunkers starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and/or Gerard Butler. Last year’s “Crazy Rich Asians” proved a hearty exception, and Netflix serves up a few rom-com tales for our amusement.

Still, Hollywood seems less interested in the genre since the days of Hanks and Ryan.

Enter “Lying Together.” The indie rom-com tackles love from a faith-based perspective. Here’s the official pitch:

Sick of the pressure to get married, the last two single adults in a church pretend to date each other.

Lying Together Sizzle Teaser from Maskil Productions on Vimeo.

The film, set to begin principal photography in Colorado this fall, stars Mark Christopher Lawrence and Daniel Cummings. Tim Nolte and Maggie Hart, the film’s director and writer, respectively, vow the movie will be different than the faith-based films already on the market.

“A lot of them are … cheesy,” Nolte says.

“I don’t see a lot of me represented in movies,” Hart, adds.

“Lying Together” hopes to change that. And it needs your help. The film’s new crowdfunding page is seeking a hand from audiences who want something fresh from the rom-com format.

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