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Larson, Lawrence Want You to Track Down Racists

Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence need your help.

The Oscar winners watched the horrific violence unfold in Charlottesville over the weekend. Now, using their social media might, each hopes to track down the racists who marched through the normally tranquil city, an event which left three people dead.

Larson, currently starring in “The Glass Castle,” retweeted the following message to her 607K followers. The Twitter account wants people to expose the racists who gathered, tiki torches in hand.

Lawrence took a more aggressive stance.

“These are the faces of hate. Look closely and post anyone you find,” the Oscar winner wrote on Facebook, along with photos of the marchers carrying torches and flags with swastikas.

“You can’t hide with the internet you pathetic cowards!”

Lawrence recently sounded a more conciliatory note, politically speaking. Months after she publicly raged against the election of Donald Trump she asked for more peaceful coexistence.

What If…

Larson and Lawrence may mean well, but there are questions to be asked about exposing and shaming racists in our current climate. For starters, others attempted to do just that this week and failed miserably.

The result? An innocent man’s life got a nasty interruption. He pleaded with the social media mob, pitchforks in cyber-hand, about his innocence. It didn’t help.

… his responses didn’t stop scores of people from calling him a racist, threatening him, publishing his home address and demanding he lose his job.

Also, given the hate roiling in the country those targeted could be hunted down. Literally, not just on a web site or social media outlet. What will Larson and Lawrence say if someone gets hurt, or dies, thanks to their actions?

No sane soul defends the bigoted views on display over the weekend. Nor the violence which led to the loss of life.

Do we want to sic vigilantes on racists, or folks we think are racists, all the same?

Photo credit: Mike Licht, via / CC BY


  1. What if they name the wrong person?

    Law Suit.

    But they really should start with antifa, which is as fascist an organization as any Racist

      1. Over the decades, many people have denounced totalitarian political, social and economic structures, it has to do with education. Though I do easily admit that many who denounced such waited too late for their announcement to do any good.

    1. If any innocent person gets killed by the Democrat thugs, the Hollywood types will rejoice. To them it will show that they have power.

      If the First Amendment can be voided at will, then someday they are going to be on the wrong end of that. Fine. It will be remembered I am sure.

      Subotai Bahadur

      1. The entire Republic is running “force of Habit” – it hasn’t sunk in that Trump is the Slippery Slope started before Obama.

        So now the progressives want to have Donald trump deciding what is “hate speech”. Okay – works for me. “After all, these are Modern Times and the Constitution is a Living Document.”

    2. “But they really should start with antifa, which is as fascist an organization as any Racist”

      Yeah, but it’s reaaaaally hard to identify and call out those guys from photos.
      Besides, it’d be a drag trying to find stand in professors for all the classes that’d have no one to run them.

  2. Why are they not willing to call out the antifa fascists as well? It seems there is only one wrong way of thinking in the U,S. – thinking like a patriot who is proud of the history of this country. In the minds of these fascists their whole life is centered around projection of what THEY think other people are.

    1. I love watching white people destroy each other. They don’t understand who their real enemies are. LOL

    2. Right. The nazis at least don’t wear masks. Antifa wear masks because they are planning on causing violence and don’t want to be identified, or are the same exact group of agitators bused around from one rally to the next and don’t want you people to see just how small in number they are, or are people with existing criminal records.

  3. A family in Michigan are now in hiding after their son was carelessly identified on alt left websites as the driver of the car who drove into the rioting Antifa crowd in Charlottesville……

  4. Unless the person or their agent themselves misidentifies a person, just saying “hey everyone, identify this person” does not involve the slightest liability. Just for all you aspiring tort lawyers. 🙂

  5. The number of cops running undercover in right wing extremist groups is pretty high. I wonder what they’re going to do when they find out that they’re going after a cop and his family who was there on the job and now they’ve blown an undercover operation?

    1. The Narrative will be preserved above all. However, the number of applications to work undercover in Leftist organizations will probably soar. The problem is, they really don’t watch Leftist organizations, because in Federal law enforcement at least, those organizations give them their orders.

      Subotai Bahadur

    2. That used to be the joke there were more undercover FBI than Nazis and Klan. If the FBI stopped paying the dues these groups would fold.

  6. I say return to the days of blacklisting Commies and throw in anarchists and paid Soros foot soldiers for good measure.

    1. If things go to blood they’ll wish for blacklists because I doubt there’ll be many prisoners and the families of leaders most likely won’t be safe either.

  7. Legacy msm – Pay no attention to the people behind the masks, they’re just average joe’s protecting the nation from racists and fascists 😉

  8. They are ignorant of history and how the left, once it has killed or imprisoned its opposition, ultimately turns on its own. The political purifiers have nothing else to do but purify and purify and purify. It is their sole existence.

    Communism, socialism, Naziism, and Fascism all derive from Marxist theory.

    1. I believe the NAZI dogma has separate underpinnings from Communism. Both are political systems start with socialism as their economic basis but the NAZIs were more transparent about their beliefs. In execution, they are indistinguishable from one another. Socialism can exist aside from either fascism or communism, however, both political systems fail and the two political systems leave mass graves in their wake. When non-totalitarian socialism fails, as it always has, everybody is broke but not dead.

  9. Yes, Comrade, there will be mistakes made by the excessive revolutionary zeal of our people, but you know you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

  10. These assholes better bring more than a shield and a pussy hat if they plan on confronting some of these Nazis. Just saying. Be careful what you wish for.

  11. Why aren’t they calling out the city government’s at Berkeley, Charlotesville and San Jose?
    Auburn didn’t have these problems, but then, Auburn had a strong police presence and stripped everybody– right or left of weapons and masks.

  12. The Hollywood stars depend on free speech for their livelihood. They would be the first victims of its demise.

  13. Those “Nazis” and whatever are surely wrong-headed, but they had a legal permit and the vast majority didn’t do anything illegal.

    Larson and Lawrence are trying to lead a lynch mob, and they would do well to think on the company that places them in.

  14. Just to be clear: they are encouraging fans to doxx and harass people for the non-crime of attending a political rally. I don’t think you have to agree with their targets to understand how creepy that is. Today it’s neo-Nazis, tomorrow it’s doxxing Trump rally attendees, or pro-life marchers, and so on.

    At least /pol/ was crowd-sourcing to identify a suspected criminal, Eric Clanton, for attacking pro-Trump activists with a bike lock, and they then informed the police to take appropriate legal action.

  15. “Do we want to sic vigilantes on racists, or folks we think are racists, all the same?”

    Why yes, Mr. Toto, some of us do. For some of us, signaling our virtue is worth more than the risk to the lives of other people. Surely that cannot be a surprise at this late state of decadence?

  16. Encouraging hate is but weaponized hate. No less than the KKK and all the white supremacist scum. The have selected poor company.

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