Comedian Kyle Dunnigan: The Internet Saved My Career

‘Mr. Birchum’ co-star shares why homegrown clips made all the difference

A manager once told Kyle Dunnigan his impressions did him few professional favors.

Boy, did that advice age poorly.

Dunnigan’s spot-on takes of everyone from Sylvester Stallone to President Joe Biden have racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. They’ve also caught the eye of some major Hollywood players.

Think Jerry Seinfeld.

Being a digital creator has made all the difference for the veteran comic.

“I would not have a career now if the Internet didn’t happen,” Dunnigan says. Previously, if a studio talent scout didn’t catch a comedian’s show he or she had little hope of breaking out, he says. Now? Comics create original content and take it directly to the consumer.

For Dunnigan, that included Seinfeld. The sitcom legend reached out to Dunnigan after seeing his sketch videos. That indirectly led to a co-starring role in Seinfeld’s new Netflix comedy, “Unfrosted.”  Dunnigan plays both Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson in the ‘60s-era comedy.

Impressions. Again.

The versatile comic’s latest role? Co-starring in the new Daily Wire Plus’ animated sitcom, “Mr. Birchum.”

The series follows a curmudgeonly wood shop teacher, voiced by character creator Adam Carolla, who clashes with our snowflake age. The show co-stars Megyn Kelly, Roseanne Barr, Jay Mohr, Alonzo Bodden and Brett Cooper.

Mr. Birchum | Season One Trailer

Dunnigan, who snagged an Emmy for his writing work on “Inside Amy Schumer,” plays Eddie, Mr. Birchum’s couch potato son. He’d rather play video games than help his old man sand the deck.

The comedian says Eddie’s voice is his idea of a Southern California accent, but he adds, “I’m not sure how accurate it is” with a laugh.

The funny part of that father/son friction? The lad’s video content is starting to bring in real money, and one day that cash might outstrip his Dad’s salary, Dunnigan suggests.

Dunnigan began ignoring his manager’s advice during the pandemic, eager to tap his creative skills while lockdowns kept comedy clubs shut.

He created videos on his own initially, but later invited friends to help him on the production side. Dunnigan combined his impressive mimicry with a face-swapping app that makes him appear like the stars he’s bringing to life.

"Prez Trek" - FULL Episode

“I do all the editing and 90 percent of the work,” he says, adding there’s a downside to the heavy workload. ”It burned me out, and I had to take a break…but I’m relaunching soon.”

He’ll probably uncork more Biden videos in the process.

His Commander in Chief spoofs are both hilarious and sharper than anything found on late-night TV. He’s not taking political sides – he mocked President Trump when the real estate mogul lived on Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

“It was always punching up. Kings would have jesters for a reason … it’s healthy, in a way,” he says of his approach.

When he records a Trump-themed video he’s blasted as a liberal. Biden clips bring out cries he’s Team MAGA.

“I don’t listen to it,” The “Mr. Birchum” star says.

Dunnigan says his fellow comedians have similarly thrived in our digital age.

“It’s the Internet. You’re able to target a specific audience that you could never do before. People feel seen. ‘This is my guy.’ If you gather 50,000 people who really love you, you’ll have a career,” he says.

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  1. Dunnigan is a great young comedic talent. His Biden impersonation is second to none. I hope he has a long, siccessful career.

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