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Kristen Stewart Proves Massive Progress for Gay Rights

'Love Lies Bleeding' star promotes rebellious pics, makes larger point along the way

The late Anne Heche couldn’t love who she wanted to love in Hollywood.

This wasn’t the ’20s, ’30s, or even ’70s, mind you.

Heche’s ’90s-era relationship with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres caused shock waves throughout Hollywood.

The romance began in 1997, and Heche claimed 20th Century Fox threatened to cancel her contract with her if she appeared in public with DeGeneres at the premiere of her film “Volcano.”

She went all the same, later adding it cost her a decade’s worth of work in studio films.

“I took Ellen to the premiere and I was ushered out before the movie even ended and was told I was not allowed to go to my own after-party for fear that they would get pictures of me with a woman,” Heche said.

Next month, openly gay actress Kristen Stewart appears in a lesbian romance/thriller “Love Lies Bleeding.”

Love Lies Bleeding | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

Stewart plays a gym manager named Lou who falls in love with a female bodybuilder (Katy M. O’Brian, “Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”). Their romance is threatened by Lou’s father (Ed Harris), a criminal whose schemes endanger the main characters.

The film opens wide March 15.

Stewart promoted the film with a cover story in the far-Left Rolling Stone magazine. The “Twilight” alum vowed to make the cover shoot the “gayest thing you’ve ever seen,” posing in a jock strap. 

The magazine tried to antagonize allegedly bigoted conservatives with an accompanying article entitled, “Right-Wingers Are Terrified of Our Gay Kristen Stewart Cover.” The small sampling of conservatives referenced in the article recoiled at how unhappy Stewart appears in the photographs and how sexually explicit they are for shock value’s sake.

It hardly suggested any sort of rebellion or attempt to silence her and her romantic life. None appear “terrified” by any rational definition.

Kristen Stewart, Rolling Stone and Progress

Stewart will continue to make movies, say whatever she wants to say and share her sexual appetites with the world. No censorship. No contracts going up in smoke. No professional retribution.


It’s an unmistakable sign of cultural progress within progressive Hollywood. Heche couldn’t even appear with a woman on the red carpet without jeopardizing her career 27 years ago. Now, lesbian stars trumpet their relationships and push sexual boundaries without a whiff of scandal or retribution.

Stewart admitted as much in the interview.

“Jodie [Foster] had such a hard time and I’m not speaking for her — I am objectively analyzing the time and place in which she was being her, and that is not easy — I would say f—ing near-impossible if you wanted to continue doing what you love,” the actress said.

The Oscar-winning Foster kept her romantic life private for much of her career.

Stewart acknowledges cultural progress on gay rights but adds a caveat.

“For me, it wasn’t a problem. But that’s probably because of the sort of space that I inhabit and the parts that I’m attracted to and the filmmakers that are attracted to me and the audience that exists for those movies.”

She’s wrong.

Stewart appeared in the mainstream reboot “Charlie’s Angels” without anyone complaining about her sexuality. The film tanked at the box office, but that had far more to do with the film’s quality than any animus against her.

Her 2020 romance “Happiest Season” scored far better with Hulu viewers, and few studios would blink at adding her to future projects. She’s an Oscar-nominated actress. Period.

Stewart may not have meant to promote the cultural progress made for LGBTQ+ members, but her cover article did just that.


  1. “Good.

    It’s an unmistakable sign of cultural progress within progressive Hollywood. Heche couldn’t even appear with a woman on the red carpet without jeopardizing her career 27 years ago. Now, lesbian stars trumpet their relationships and push sexual boundaries without a whiff of scandal or retribution.”

    It isn’t good at all; it’s an abomination before God and man. What happened to Heche *was* good; people shouldn’t be encouraged to “love whoever” because acceptance of “love whoever” is what got us where we are now: trans surgeries on children, alphabet tyranny in the workplace, and basically having to resist a virulent social disease turned sex cult. “Cancel Culture” is about excess; that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that should be rightly shunned.

    We’re not in a culture war; rather our culture is at war with an anti-culture, that has nothing of its own other than ideological colonization of older, better ideas, by force of law if necessary. We don’t need to find a middle ground or be afraid of saying “no, that’s too far”.

  2. these folks are enjoying thumbing their nose at God and normal humanity, because of their obvious self loathing and self degradation, but this short life of wanton displays will be over in a blink of an eye and eternity of unpleasant living with those misguided choices I doubt will be worth it

  3. Wow, how brave, how rebellious of her to jump on the bandwagon and join the new in thing. The in thing that is ruled by Hollywood, big tech, the media, corporations and so on. She is just another cog in the wheel, not even worth the time for anyone on the right to shrug their shoulders and say who cares. Hollywood is dead, movie stars are extincted. This is just a publicity stunt for attention.

    You have nuns being arrested for praying outside abortion clinics, you have drag queen story hour at libraries, people being arrested for singing religious songs outside of church. Kids being mutilated for progress, parents having their kids taken away if they dare question their kids new sexual identity. Men beating woman and being cheered, in the name of progess. Is her ego that big that she thinks a picture of her in a jock strap is news and is going to bring the man down.

  4. Notice how they blame conservatives for backlash when Hollywood is doing the backlash. Progressive liberals are not watching these gay/lesbian movies. If they were, box office would be much better. The gay romance “Bros” failed because it didn’t appeal to women who usually watch romance movies, but gay romance is something else. Women are more progressive than men. Even Liberal men didn’t watch Bros. Neither did the Liberal progressives showed up for Disney’s Lightyear and Strange World.
    Kristen Stewart’s photos are just too “inside Lesbian” to be a mainstream movie. Modern women are all about hair, makeup, and dress up, but not in jock straps and leather jackets, but they do like masculine mannerisms like boss babes.

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