Kevin Costner doesn't belong to today's A-list. The "Bull Durham" star simply endures, switching from character actor to leading man as the projects demand.

For “Black or White,” opening wide Jan. 30, Costner says he’s speaking from the heart.

The actor conducted a no holds barred interview with podcaster Adam Carolla this week, revealing the motivations behind his new race-based drama.


Costner told Carolla why he was so eager to be a part of a film showing disparate opinions on race relations tied to a custody fight. The story doesn’t pull any punches, and the actor couldn’t be happier about that.

“I felt like I got a chance to say things for myself [with the film],” Costner says.

Does he fear any fallout from those themes, especially with such an honest exploration of the biggest hot button issue of our age?

“I’m not political correct … so I can say whatever I want. I like when people don’t dance around,” Costner says.

The Oscar winner later told Carolla he hoped to make a western, one he envisions as a 10-hour production, down the short road. He also shared his ultimate goal with his projects.

“When you do something, you want it to last, to be a generational watch … that’s what I do,” he says.