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Why Kate Winslet’s Feminist Battle Cry Can’t Be Trusted

The Oscar winner's silence on Carano's firing speaks louder than her virtue signaling

The cover of the latest Hollywood Reporter print edition deserves a big, fat asterisk.

The Feb. 10 issue promotes the magazine’s Actress Roundtable, a recurring feature where female stars speak their minds during awards season. The pull quote on the cover, courtesy of Oscar-winner Kate Winslet, suggests a Hollywood sisterhood that cannot be denied.

“This is the decade of women championing and supporting other women without judgment,” the quote reads.

Ammonite Trailer #2 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

Winslet, currently in awards season contention for her work in “Ammonite,” said more on the subject in question. Here’s the full quote for better context:

THR: …I’m curious, what has been the biggest change for you, personally, since the #MeToo movement started?

Winslet: This is the decade of women championing and supporting other women without judgment. This is happening right now, and that has come as a result of the mass united swell that has emerged from #MeToo. We’ve all come together, everyone is holding hands and walking in the same direction. And, for me, that is the single most exciting thing that is coming out of the awfulness of the past five years and those extraordinary women coming forward and sharing their painful, awful stories, and the horrendous Harvey Weinstein. The time now is about leading in a different way. Young women being able to lead with courage — in a way that I feel I certainly didn’t have, that sense of courage and companionship with my peers, in a way that I think #MeToo has done for this generation of women.

The quote got picked up across media outlets, including MSN, Yahoo! News and UK’s The Evening Standard. Guess what name is missing in the ensuing press coverage?

Gina Carano, the actress Disney fired for having an independent mind.

Winslet’s phony call to arms hardly exists in a vacuum. Actresses have been promoting sisterhood solidarity for some time now.

The far-left BuzzFeed compiled a list of actresses sharing pro-female sentiments, including Jessica Chastain helping Oscar winner Octavia Spencer snag a richer paycheck and how stars rallied for the Women’s March movement during the Trump years.

Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap

Jennifer Lawrence railed against alleged pay inequalities in Hollywood in 2015. Stars like Reese Witherspoon are routinely exploring ways to help out her female peers.

In addition to producing Big Little Lies, Reese also started her production company, Pacific Standard Films, so that more women could be featured in television and movies. “I was warned that on the crazy chance Pacific Standard would acquire any good scripts, we would never make it past our first few years in business because there just wasn’t a market for buying female-driven material,” Reese told Glamour. “But like Elle Woods, I do not like to be underestimated.”

Fine. Good. Wonderful. Positive support is always welcome in the culture.

Carano has yet to feel its warm embrace.

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Lucasfilm fired Carano from “The Mandalorian,” the biggest show on Disney+, for social media messages dramatically mischaracterized by both Disney and the press. Her nuanced comparison of the hate conservatives receive to the early days of Nazi Germany wasn’t remotely anti-Semitic nor “abhorrent,” as Team Disney claimed.

Yes, The Daily Wire swooped in and handed her a project to call her own. The MMA star turned actress still won’t be getting work from Hollywood, Inc. any time soon.

So where’s the love from Winslet, the woman promising to support her fellow actresses? What about Witherspoon, Lawrence and their famous friends?

The silence is more than deafening. It speaks volumes.

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