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Why Justin Bieber Bowing to the Woke Mob Hurts Us All

The pop superstar's apology for praising Morgan Wallen was a huge mistake

Celebrities aren’t immune from Cancel Culture’s wrath.

In fact, the woke crowd delights in cutting down Hollywood’s best and brightest. The rich, the famous, the folks who have it all yet can be capsized by a few weaponized Tweets.

Now, that’s power. And, sadly, celebrities routinely hand them that power without remorse, let alone a spine.

Hollywood’s biggest stars – think Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Matt Damon – all bowed to the woke elite when they ran afoul of the “new” cultural rules.

Scarlett Johansson Says She Will Not Play Transgender Man After Backlash | NBC Nightly News

Justin Bieber did just that over the most microscopic of offenses.

The pop superstar shared a quick note about country crooner Morgan Wallen via Instagram Stories this week. The singer featured a screenshot from Wallen’s song, “Sand in My Boots,” a cut from his “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

Bieber’s thought crime? He said he loved the album. Here’s the context.

Wallen uttered the n-word earlier this year, a private moment caught on video and shared across the web. An inebriated Wallen used the term jokingly to a white friend.

We all know what happened next. Wallen’s career collapsed. Radio stations banned his music. Awards shows made him persona non grata despite his various nominations. His own label suspended him.

Wallen checked himself into rehab, apologized numerous times and all but begged to be forgiven. Not so fast, says the Cancel Culture club, a group which includes media organizations aghast that his fans are still buying his music.

Now, even giving Wallen a public “atta boy” for his music is unacceptable in their eyes. And Bieber buckled in near record time. He wiped the comment from his Instagram feed and offered this apology:

“honestly i had no idea he was saying those racist things, i deleted it, I’m sorry :(.”

Why does this matter? After all, we’re talking about a blip on the news cycle, a story that barely registered and won’t be remembered a month from now. Chances are Bieber will be back in the news again soon for equally trivial matters.

Moments like this still have an impact.

Cancel Culture can be brutal for those who lack the money, and societal clout, to fight back. Try taking a stand against woke dictates at the office. Chances are you’ll soon be skimming LinkedIn for job openings. It’s why so many people go along with woke culture’s insanity. To do anything else puts their livelihoods at risk.

Celebrities have a distinct advantage here.

They have copious cash, the kind that can help them weather a PR storm. Plus, their singular talents let them to built their careers back up once the cultural storm dies down. It’s how Mel Gibson resurrected his career after a series of embarrassing, and downright ugly, meltdowns.

We’re also seeing it with Louic C.K., the disgraced comic attempting his first major tour after admitting in 2017 he exposed himself to several women and began pleasuring himself in the process. That, by the way, is far more harmful and significant than Wallen uttering one ugly word to a friend without a hint of overt malice.

Every time a Bieber, Johansson or Damon gives in to the woke mob Cancel Culture grows that much stronger. That, in turn, gives social justice types more ways to make ordinary citizens miserable.

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