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Joyce Carol Oates Imagines Tarantino-Style Attack on Supreme Court

Author cheers on AOC's impeachment threat, takes it to sickening level

The Left isn’t processing the latest headlines well.

Some are dreaming of drone strikes targeting former President Donald Trump. Others are eviscerating the Supreme Court for determining presidents have immunity for “official acts” conducted during their presidencies.

“Orange Is the New Black” alum Lea DeLaria begged President Joe Biden to assassinate Hitler AKA Trump.

Bette Midler, who once cheered on a neighbor’s vicious attack on Sen. Rand Paul, attacked conservative Supreme Court justices for allegedly being afraid of women’s private parts.

Perhaps President Joe Biden’s calamitous debate performance Thursday set all of the above in motion?

Either way, celebrated author Joyce Carol Oates is upping the ante on violent rhetoric. The mind behind “Blonde,” “Wonderland” and “Black Water” routinely flexes her political views on X.

This week, Oates reposted a message from Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez targeting the right-leaning Supreme Court. The social media wunderkind vowed to “impeach” the Court for making decisions she didn’t like.

Oates agreed. She also took the matter in a dark direction.

What does she mean?

Director Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films follow The Bride (Uma Thurman) as she kills the former allies who tried to eliminate her at the behest of David Carradine’s title character. The other Tarantino film Oates references, “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” revisits the Manson family slayings. This time, the good guys wipe out the hippie thugs before they can kill Sharon Tate and four others as they did back in August of 1969.

Is Oates fantasizing about a similar hit on the Supreme Court, specifically its conservative justices? Is there another, more generous interpretation?

She’s not the only liberal celebrity to fantasize about dead Supreme Court justices.

Author John Grisham recently appeared on “The View,” reminding the far-Left hosts how his book “The Pelican Brief” featured the death of two Supreme Court justices.

That excited the hosts, prompting Grisham to imagine a follow-up tome in which more justices are killed after they collectively savaged the modern court.

Even the show’s hateful hosts cautioned Grisham’s tone, reminding everyone the conversation was just “fiction.”

In 2022, an armed man was arrested for plotting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Nicholas John Roske had duct tape, pepper spray, a gun, a knife and zip ties with him at the time. He confessed he planned to kill Kavanaugh for ending Roe v. Wade.


  1. The odds of there being an election, let alone a real and honestly reported one this November, are shrinking daily. The Social Contract is disappearing. Interesting Times are upon us. I would recommend that people stock up on food and supplies for a prolonged period, as supply chains tend to break during political turmoil.

  2. The left owns political violence. Today’s Democrats are followers of the same ideology that resulted in the deaths of upwards of 100 million people in the 20th century at the hands of government. Joyce Carol Oates is an authoritarian savage that wants her political opponents murdered. Well, bring it on Dims, antifa, BLM, KKK, or whatever you want to call the brutal enforcers of your sick beliefs. We are not going to keep putting up with your threats and violence much longer. You do not want to make us angry.

  3. These IDIOTS – my apologies to NATURAL BORN idiots – think this is a NEW POWER! It’s NOT! The decisions by the Supreme Court are the RESULTS of the ILLEGAL ACTS of the Biden bunglers! If they had not VIOLATED PRESIDENT TRUMP’S Constitutional RIGHTS then this would never have happened. It’s the same thing as states passing laws that it’s ILLEGAL to institute islamic law or it’s ILLEGAL for ILLEGALS to VOTE! The LEFT indulges itself and it’s insane followers in the FANTASIES of climate crap, equity, and many other completely insane, unfounded ideologies and then goes berserk when the SUPREME COURT simply STATES what OUR CONSTITUTION says! It’s ironic – no, make that MORONIC – that the LEFT sees anything FAIR and JUST as an attack on THEIR democrazy (sp on purpose)!

  4. These people are nuts. I’m so tired of democrat hyperbole. They know and we know nothing of the sort will happen. They are so desperate.

    And they forget their Potato in Chief can use it too. But it’s different when democrats do it, I guess. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    1. It’s funny how conservatives must be held to the literal meaning of EACH AND EVERY UTTERANCE. There is no humor or hyperbole when looking at conservative commentary.

      But liberals and the Left can openly talk about assassinating their political opponents, and the rest of us should realize “it’s just a joke.” Kathy Griffin holds up a realistic model of Donald Trump’s head, and when she loses gigs, laments that “it was just a joke.”

      Which is a reminder of the left’s view: Conservative speech is violence. Liberal violence is speech.

  5. …then we can imagine Joyce being greeted by a SWAT team for threatening the lives of public officials…

    Oh wait, she’s a liberal… Never mind…

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