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10 Killer Comebacks to Oates’ Lame Free Speech Tweet

You’d think celebrated authors would be on the front lines in the battle for free speech in 2017. Wrong.

Take Joyce Carol Oates. The hard-left mind behind “them” and “Black Water” attempted to troll Bill Maher for defending Ann Coulter in the latest college free speech clampdown.

Coulter’s potential appearance at UC Berkeley got canceled due to security concerns. It’s just the latest capitulation to the progressive thugs trying to shut down free speech in recent months.

Yet Oates couldn’t quite rally on behalf of free speech like HBO host Bill Maher did. The liberal comic scorched his fellow liberals for not supporting free speech on campus, likening it to “book burning.”

Oates’ reply? Bring on the nuance.

Oates doubled down with this retweet:

Naturally, Twitter users fired back in a way the mainstream press wouldn’t dare print.

But we would.

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  1. Saul Alinsky taught that the purpose of the radical Progressive was the destruction of the middle class. Media, Academia, NGO’s, and Government are dominated by Progressives. Joyce Carol Oates is a Progressive. Questions?

  2. Let’s start calling Antifa by it’s full name: Anti-First Amendment. If anyone who tweets would include it like this: ANTIFA=Anti-First Amendment it would be a step towards forcing the Media and Dems to acknowledge exactly what it is these people seek.

  3. It used to be, “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    The fascist left have modified that to, “I disagree with what you say and a gang of little piss ant, fascist thugs will beat you to a pulp if you say it.” And, they call themselves “progressive”. Some “progress”.

  4. Supporting free speech that you disagree with…this is like Freedom 101 stuff that most of us had figured out by Junior High. If you’re a grown adult who still doesn’t get it, you’re a lost cause.

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