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Cleese Cool with Losing Half His Fans (If They Like Trump)

John Cleese considers his Twitter account like a cyber Town Hall.

The Monty Python alum weighs in on the news, his recent activities and, more than some stars, responds to his fans.

Bet that made somebody’s day.

And, like many celebrities, he’s aghast at the mere thought of President Donald J. Trump. That’s why he routinely mocks the Commander in Chief in his typically droll manner.

That Tweet, one of many critical of Trump, inspired a follower to ask Cleese if he thought, or even feared, his political views might hurt his career.

Will Trump fans who grew up laughing at Cleese’s silly walk stop attending his shows or buying his product? What if they see clips like this where he directly insults Trump’s base?

“These are the stupidest people you’ve ever met.”

John Cleese’s Hilarious Donald Trump Rant

We’ll see.

Cleese’s comedy credentials remain impeccable. Should he wish to retire this weekend he certainly is set for life. Or needs to speak to his accountant … stat.

On a less divisive note, Cleese recently explained why comedians are struggling in the Age of Trump during a Q&A at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

“Trump has done comedians a disservice, because how can you match that? You can’t be funnier than Trump. And it’s real. Odd behavior, strange behavior, is much funnier if it takes place in a conventional atmosphere than if takes place in a distorted atmosphere,” he said.

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  1. You know, after being told for 8 years that comedians couldn’t figure out how to make fun of Obama because he was just too cool and now they can’t make fun of Trump because he’s already funnier than they could be, I’m left with the suspicion that comedians just suck at their jobs these days.

  2. Monty Python surrealism and leftist strident establishment orthodoxy are irreconcilable mental frameworks, something has to give, allays it is always a humorous friendly likability that is the first to succumb to mass group hysteria.

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