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13 Snarkiest Responses to John Cho’s United-Trump Tweet

Celebrities tweet the darndest things.

Just ask Joss Whedon, who further dinged his credibility by predicting the Trump administration would soon round up, and kill, gay people if we didn’t stop him first.

Not to be outdone, actor John Cho rose up Monday with a Tweet that could be just as inane. Cho is best known for the “Harold and Kumar” trilogy as well as playing Lt. Sulu in three “Star Trek” features.

Star Trek (3/9) Movie CLIP - Drill Fight (2009) HD

It’s clear he’s part of The Resistance, too. That rag tag band of liberals aghast at Donald Trump’s presidency may not want to claim him after this Tweet.

Naturally, Twitter users piled. It’s what happens when you don’t thoroughly think through a social media message before hitting ‘send.” The results weren’t pretty. Some, though, were rather funny. Consider the following 13 responses as being either snarky, comical or just plain withering.

So Trump is responsible for the actions of a United Airlines decision and the actions of a Chicago (run by Democrats) police officer? RLY? – @bob_owens

Trump is an incompetent dolt and can alter the behavior of private airline employees AT THE SAME TIME.- @hale_razor

You just pulled the rare “Double Sulu” maneuver. It’s like the Triple Lindy of tweeting. I stand in awe – @G130J

Did you warm up before you made that stretch? – @TimBowers62

And here I was, ready to blame @WilliamShatner, but I apparently had it all backwards! – @SantasTavern

But of course…of course. For a minute there I thought you were going to do the typical liberal thing and blame it on #climatechange..phew! – @2_legion

What about Putin? Are you sure he had nothing to do with it? – @ostriana

It’s hard not to see a connection between the environment the Klingons created and what happened on the Death Star – @rnavarro2003

This is the nonsense that destroys the credibility of legitimate opposition to Trump. – @LtningSams

shorter: my hatred for Trump can be seen from space – @amadora2700

Great career move John u just hacked off 50% of trek fan base to be hip, out of touch, divisive and political. #liberallogic #maga – @HuttonPulitzer

It’s hard not to see a connection between dumb things actors say & what movies I won’t be watching – @StarFortress

It’s hard not to see a connection between your tweet and the Internet mocking you – @exjon


  1. Well, he may have a point.

    Trump has said he is going to enforce the law. He was a self-proclaimed law and order candidate. And, he had support of many police when he ran for President.

    So, maybe those cops thought that “Hey. We are enforcing the law. This person is refusing to obey a lawful command by a police officer.” They could have tased him like the white guy in Penn station was tased yesterday. Instead, they just pulled him out of his seat and he resisted. I do not see how he has any complaint against the police or the airlines. The airlines should sue him. The guy has a very troubled past.

    The internet outrage is just a big fart in my opinion.If this went to trial with a jury of white men, he would lose. A jury of Asians, he would win. A diverse jury would be a hung jury.

    Diversity sucks. If he were white, there wouldn’t be any uproar.

  2. A lot of times it’s not even the actor who actually send these things. It’s some genius who works in the publicity and promotion department of his agency. He’ll likely never even see the replies. Whoever sent this one will be quietly sacked.

    1. Yes, when the headline mentioned Sulu I thought they were talking about the old one, now it looks like the new Sulu is just as screwed up.

      1. Yes let’s repeal the Hollywood tax cuts. Restore the 20% federal excise tax on movies plus downloads and all of other revenue sources.

        We will call it the John Cho diversity fairness Tax Act. We will use it to find healthcare let’s say. Starting with the veterans.

  3. It’s a shame because he’s such a good, cerebral actor that I wouldn’t expect him to make such an unreasonable comment. I particularly loved him on FlashForward.

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