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Joe Rogan on Biden Administration: ‘These People Are Utter Fools’

Rogan shreds Team Biden in ways few comedians dare on latest podcast

The most dangerous part of Joe Rogan’s ideology, to some, is that he doesn’t have one.

Yes, the former “NewsRadio” star may lean to the Left, but he’s happy to poke fun at the Left, Right and Middle as needed.

And boy, is it needed today given the current administration.

Rogan’s detractors, and they are primarily on the Left, rage against his lack of partisanship. And many declare he’s a right winger based on his willingness to mock progressives.

It’s absurd, but anyone who deviates from the far-Left playbook gets painted with a similar brush. Just ask J.K. Rowlings and Bill Maher how that works.

Rogan unleashed his toughest commentary on Team Biden this week during a chat with British comic Russell Brand. The “Arthur” star’s socialist leanings have taken a back seat to his critiques of both mainstream media and approved narratives regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, Rogan and Brand shared opinions rarely, if ever, heard in mainstream forums. 

Russell Brand on the Veil Being Lifted on the Corporate Political Establishment

Rogan took the lead, politically speaking, by recalling how many people slammed President George W. Bush as a White House dunce during his two terms in office.

That may have been true, Rogan said, but Bush surrounded himself with professionals who at least had a grasp of political realities, even if cronyism and backroom deals may have happened along the way.

Agree or disagree … the public understood Bush’s team was part of “a very solid institution.”

“Nobody believes that now,” he said of Team Biden.

“You see Pete Buttigieg and f***ing Kamala Harris and Biden can’t get a sentence out,” Rogan said. Buttigieg’s tenure as Transportation Secretary has been disastrous, and Harris’ poll numbers started out low and have yet to recover.

“This is badness. These people are utter fools. And these are the people who are running everything and these are the people that are getting us on the brink of war with Russia,” Rogan said. “I don’t have any faith in them, and I think most people don’t.”

Brand had no love to share for Bush’s White House team, but he and Rogan agreed the Biden White House pretend to care deeply but similarly push war on the American agenda.

“They’re wrapping themselves up with progressive identity Politics, and then promoting a war at the same time,” Rogan said. “It’s wild.”

“I don’t think they believe in that stuff, I don’t think they care, I don’t think they are creating an agenda to advance the interests of vulnerable people, and I think they’re using it as a distraction and a veil in order to carry on with the same kind of corporate and financial interests that have always determined what the establishment is,” Brand said.

The Left, he added, has become the Right in the worst of ways.

“We’re pro war,” Brand added.


  1. Rogan and Brand just call it like they see it. How can “your not partisan enough” be a criticism instead of a compliment?? Both of these two have known for some time to just follow the money. I don’t care who the President, Senators, Congress is made up of, they are merely doing the bidding of the corporate lobby. I do not see any need to vote again until someone comes along and runs on the sole issue of getting all money out of politics. I think Rogan had said a while back, and I definitely agree, that donating any amount of money to a politician should be a crime against humanity. And person should be prosecuted as such.

  2. Rogan disproves the modern media philosophy – we have to pick one side and toss them red meat. People want to have their beliefs confirmed and will not listen to anyone who doesn’t think like they do on every single issue, period.
    Rogan shatters that narrative because people actually do appreciate someone who weights all arguments fairly and respectfully.

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