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Joe Rogan Defends Jon Stewart from Leftist Rage Over Biden Gags

Spotify superstar, comedian Sam Morril defend comic for mocking President Biden

Comedian Sam Morril doesn’t wear his politics on his sleeve.

The rising star’s act isn’t ideological, but he’ll dabble in the Left/Right divide on occasion. He did just that during his Netflix special “Same Time Tomorrow.” And when he hurls political jokes it’s clear he’s not choosing one side or the other.

That’s music to Spotify superstar Joe Rogan’s ears.

The two commiserated on the need for balanced political humor on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” now available on both Spotify and major podcast platforms like iTunes and YouTube.

“I think it’s important to make fun of both sides,” Morril said after the two recalled a bipartisan bit from the late Richard Jeni. “It makes me sad to see people get mad at Jon Stewart right now for sh**ing on both sides. He’s a comedian, first. And I think it’s cool when you go to the clubs and they don’t know what he’s gonna say.”


Stewart celebrated his quasi-return to the Comedy Central showcase by skewering President Biden’s obvious mental decline and his party’s farcical attempts to cover it up.

That clip has generated more than 6.4 million views on YouTube in well under a week.

Jon Stewart Tackles The Biden-Trump Rematch That Nobody Wants | The Daily Show

“If you’re gonna have Jon Stewart back on ‘The Daily Show’ and Biden is making up words [Stewart is] gonna bring it up,” Rogan said of the addled Commander-in-Chief. “He’s not gonna just only simp for the Democrats. He’s gonna say some funny sh** about anything that happens to Democrats, too. It’s funny. It’s part of what the show used to be.”

That might be a knock on Stewart’s immediate successor, the low-rated Trevor Noah.

“It’s weird that there’s a social responsibility people attribute to comedians. Most of us got good at this by cursing at strangers in a bar,” Morril cracked.


“We all have our political opinions, which is fine, but what Jon is capable of is delivering the news in a very funny way,” Rogan added. “He’s the best at it.”

Morril agreed, noting his imitators can’t match the skill Stewart brings to the faux anchor chair. 

“He’s like ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House.’ He’s the bar, and then everybody tries to copy ‘Animal House,'” and you end up with ‘Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj.'”

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2/12) Movie CLIP - Taj Meets the Boys (2006) HD

Stewart was, and remains, a committed liberal. His old “Daily Show” occasionally mocked Democrats and left-leaning outlets like CNN.

In recent years, most late-night comics swore allegiance to the Left and rarely satirized vulnerable Democrats.

Stewart returned to Comedy Central Feb. 12 and brought up a recent Special Counsel report that damaged President Biden’s re-election chances. The report found Biden to be an “elderly man with a poor memory” as the reason not to prosecute the 81-year-old president for holding classified information.

Stewart left Comedy Central in 2015 and attempted to rebuild his political brand on the low-rated Apple TV+ show “The Problem with Jon Stewart.” That series got canceled last year, allegedly because Stewart wanted to touch on issues the platform found problematic, like A.I. and China’s role in the world.

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