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‘Daily Show’ Ratings Still Embarrassingly Low with Guest Hosts

Handler, Hughley and Jones can't coax dwindling audience base's return

Media outlets avoided one undeniable fact after Trevor Noah announced he was leaving “The Daily Show.”

The comedian, who took over for Jon Stewart on the Comedy Central showcase in 2015, couldn’t draw a crowd.

“The Daily Show” routinely appeared near the bottom of the late night pack in the ratings race week in, week out. Only “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” put out of its misery last year by TBS, drew fewer eyeballs.

Noah officially left “The Daily Show” late last year, leaving Comedy Central to summon guest hosts until a permanent replacement could be found.

  • Leslie Jones
  • Wanda Sykes
  • D.L. Hughley
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Sarah Silverman

Might one (or more) guest host end the show’s ratings woes? The far-Left showcase recently drew north of a million viewers each night. Could fresh blood reverse the ratings swoon?

Not even close.

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Here’s what Jones drew during her week-long guest hosting stint.

Here are Handler’s numbers for her week-long audition for the gig. (The woke comic has been telling reporters she’s itching to re-join the late night arena following her “Chelsea Lately” run at E!.)

Hughely, who briefly hosted his own late-night show on TV One, also drew miserable numbers.

ShowBuzzDaily doesn’t have the numbers for Sykes’ week. We’ll have to wait until next week to see Silverman’s numbers.

UPDATE: Silverman drew slightly more viewers than her peers, but she couldn’t drag the show over the 400,000 mark.

Comedy Central has yet to announce a permanent replacement for Noah. More guest hosts, including Hasan Minaj, John Leguizamo and disgraced former Sen. Al Franken are waiting in the wings.

Will any deliver a ratings boost to the ailing show? It’s unlikely at this point.


The show’s far-Left perspective remains in place, for starters. Late night teems with liberal shows, from the far-Left propaganda heard on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to Stephen Colbert’s progressive rants on “The Late Show.”

The liberal talk show market place is beyond saturated at this point. And Comedy Central feels no need to install a right-leaning guest host to see if an ideological shakeup might improve matters.

Plus, the late night landscape is already contracting. James Corden is leaving “The Late Late Show” soon, and a game show will take its place. Bee and Noah left late last year, as did “Desus & Mero” over creative differences.

The landscape’s sole bright spot? Fox News’ “Gutfeld!”

The new kid on the block comes in either first or second place every week, beating established stars like Jimmy Fallon without a broadcast TV show budget or A-list stars.

Could “The Daily Show” go the way of “The Chevy Chase Show?” Hollywood is in a belt-tightening mode, and as much as Comedy Central wants to push progressive talking points out the bottom line may come first.

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