Sam Morril’s ‘Same Time Tomorrow’ Might Just Unite the Country

It's raunchy, no doubt, but comic's ability to see both sides elevates great gags

Stand-up comedy in our woke age can be oh, so predictable.

Woke comedians won’t go near certain topics, and their conclusions are rarely in doubt.

Take that, PatriarchyTM! And that’s why white men are dumb! (Cue the roaring clapter!)

Even stand-ups who mock woke conventions can fall into a similar trap, consistently torching progressive pieties. Sam Morril splits the difference, and it’s just what comedy needs.

“Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow” didn’t get the hoopla of other Netflix specials. The company’s press site doesn’t feature “Tomorrow” photos or video clips for reporters to share.

Morril, who looks like George Clooney’s taller sibling, doesn’t need media razzmatazz. “Same Time Tomorrow,” clocking in at a tight 43 minutes, speaks for itself.

The Chicago-based special digs into today’s hot-button issues, from trans people to problematic fairy tales. Morril’s delivery is impeccable, but it’s backed by sharp writing and an eagerness to surprise.

He even cops to that strategy early on, wryly telling the crowd how he changed up a punchline to keep them off balance. It works, of course, but it’s not possible without a keen sense of cultural expectations.

His bit about white people at BLM protests is hilarious, in part, because he approaches the topic in a way few would consider.


Morril may be left-leaning, he is a product of the New York comedy scene, but he’s shrewd enough to expose virtue signaling when he sees it.

“I saw a tall white guy at the park the other day wearing a shirt that said, ‘F*** Racism,’ and I said, ‘problem solved,'” Morris cracks in his desert dry voice.

In solidarity, he considered wearing a T-shirt that said, “Against Baby Rape” to a friend’s party. If the crowd looked at him funny he’d reply, “Are you for baby rape? Because some of us are fed up [about it].”

I got interviewed by David Letterman

Morril’s material isn’t shy about sexual observations, and some of his crass cracks may chase some viewers away, particularly on the Right. It’s as funny as the rest of his bits but hardly vital to his overall act.

An extended riff on abortion typifies his skill in uniting both sides of the aisle. He starts by saying he supports a woman’s right to choose, but he notes the phrase, “perform an abortion” sounds jarring.

“It’s … showtime!” he cries, impersonating an abortion doctor putting on a show. And when his wife asks about his performances that day, he says, “I f***ing killed.”

Funny. Hard-hitting. Following the funny where it leads him, without being beholden to the Left or Right.

The hardest-hitting bit in “Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow” turns Outrage Culture on its head. He makes a dark joke about pedophilia, using it as a segue to a related topic.

“Here’s what I like about pedophiles. They never complain about my comedy. A lot of groups, you make fun of them, they get easily offended. I noticed pedos tend to stay silent … I’ve never had one stand up at my show and say, ‘Enough. You crossed the line tonight, sir.'”

That’s coal-black comedy at its best.

Throw in impeccable crowd work, and the sense that he’s one viral clip away from the A-list, and “Same Time Tomorrow” is as good as it gets.


  1. Yes, i’m sure some comedy special is going to solve all the issues that have been building up for decades. And the “joke” you quote is 1) not that funny and 2) untrue, because the pedos DO complain, or have you not heard about “minor-attached persons”?

    A united country as things stand now isn’t what we want anyhow. We need to get rid of the filth first, then worry about “unity”.

    1. Lol. What does a society look like that “gets rid of filth”. Who decides what “filth” is in this society? That sounds like a job for the Taliban, frankly. Decide what filth is for the nation, and remove it by force

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