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‘Jesus Thirsts’ Invites Deep Conversations on Faith

Why documentary exploring the Eucharist is a balm for our troubled times

The film “Jesus Thirsts'” subtitle is, “The Miracle of the Eucharist.”

The Eucharist, a sacred mystery that is meant to reinforce unity in Christian faith because the body of Christ is only one, forevermore, became a point of division nevertheless. People argued whether the bread and wine transubstantiates into the body and blood of Jesus or remains a symbol of the body for the renewing of our mind.

A fair theological debate as this may be academically, a Western world emaciated from spiritual starvation searches for nourishment. Fathom Events releases “Jesus Thirsts” to select theaters nationwide film June 4, 5 and 6.

[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist

The first question one might have about the title “Jesus Thirsts” is, “He does?” The question is welcomed. Jesus fielded many queries from his disciples and doubters alike.

Consider that Jesus was a man who walked the ground and wore sandals. He needed water, including during the passion on the cross. He is known in Scripture as a “man of sorrows,” who knew the agonies of having everything of this world taken from Him unjustly.

He begged His Father for an alternative cup if possible in the Father’s will. He asked His Father why He was forsaken, and He committed His Spirit into his Father’s hands. He came to bridge Earth and Heaven for our sake, out of unfathomable love for people and to free them from captivity.

After this meaningful meditation, I realize the Lord of our salvation, one with the Father, yes, thirsts. If that is so–if He needs, if He is dependent, at least within the Trinity–then how humble and focused on other’s welfare and self-rule should we be?


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“Jesus Thirsts” could be relegated as a Catholic evangelization, but what would be the point?

If the place in all the universe where the rubber hits the road to afford us access to the Kingdom of Heaven is viewed in religious isolation from earthly affairs, that is our intellectual problem.

Judging by despair deaths, meat-grinder wars, consolidating and hoarding of power, unaffordability of food, etc., what we need more of, not less, is the nourishment of the Lord’s passion in our lives in every sphere of society.

If each move in the home and each act in City Hall were precipitated from a place of “Mama mia! Jesus thirsts for us to come near Him!” then every facet, from coming of age to politics, would be conducted with more peace in heart and mind and less avarice.

The Roman and Byzantine Churches share beliefs about the Eucharist, so unity already exists for at least 1.5 billion humans. Protestant Churches have different views on the topic, but, even then, most deeply honor the Lord’s Table. Biblical exegeses may differ, but shared reverence for the holy meal horseshoes to, at minimum, a relatable place.

Revival is the answer to a lack of justice, fairness and equality before the law. The current turn to Christ helps demonstrate it. Revival is happening from campuses to graduations to social media to the streets to celebrities.

Featuring a cast of Rev. Andrew Cozzens, Fr. Donald Calloway, actor/producer Eduardo Verástegui (“Sound of Freedom“), author Chris Stefanick, and many others, more information on this documentary cinematic presentation is available at

Michael Bedar’s articles appear in Free the People, The Federalist, and American Spectator. He is the author of a novel and maker of documentaries about freedom, nature, and well being. His new work is a children’s book on free speech for countering censorship, Freedom Reigns Over the Bog, from Mind Watering Publishing.


  1. No such thing as a “Eucharist” in any bible of the Christian church. And GOD is NOT honoring junk you made up after the Apostles died, which is most of the rubbish in the Catholic Church.

      1. RC doctrine says there’s no salvation outside faith in Christ AND the RCC, thus denying the salvation of all Protestant Christians. Plus it curses all who believe you are saved by grace through faith only and that Jesus’ only death paid our sin debt one time for all time, no repeats needed. So tell me again who divided us?

      1. Who said: “Eat the flesh of the Son of Man” was Jesus not the Catholic Church.

        Who said: “…You refused to help the least of your brothers and sisters you were refusing to help me and they will go way in eternal punishment….” was Jesus, not the Catholic Church.

        Who said: “Do not stop them…for whoever is not against you is for you” was Jesus, not The Catholic Church.

        And who said that After Loving Gog with all your heart, the next greatest Commanment was to love your neighbor as you love yourself, was also Jesus.

        So, I offer to you the thought that together as Christians we should be together in Christ.

        Remember, St. Paul was quick to split the Sanhedrin in factions because they lost sight of their goal and went after each other.

        I have never heard any Catholic, Catholic Bishop nor Pope say that everyone else is Cursed.

        I hope you day is great, and you surrender all your worries to Jesus and let him guide you this June 10th.

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