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Why Jamie Foxx’s Medical Mystery Matters

‘Day Shift’ star’s serious ailment casts media, actor in unflattering light

Jamie Foxx is recovering nicely from a month-old illness that required hospitalization.

Or is he?

We live in conspiratorial times, made worse by a corrupt press and the ability of half-truths to gain traction on social media.

Day Shift | Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg | Official Trailer | Netflix

The “Day Shift” star’s medical woes represent a perfect pop culture storm of distrust and disinformation. Fair-minded souls don’t know what to believe, and both the actor and the press aren’t making matters better.

It started when we learned the 55-year-old Oscar winner was hospitalized on April 11 due to an undisclosed illness. Foxx stepped back from production on his latest film, ironically called “Back in Action,” but we learned nothing about his medical state at the time.

That limbo lingered for weeks, and various press outlets decided to fill the information gap with rank conjecture.

Thus we saw headlines about Foxx’s friends “preparing for the worst,” a hyperbolic claim repeated across the web which seemingly granted the words more meaning. Yahoo! News was one of several outlets picking up the unverified claim.

On May 3, the actor’s official Instagram account shared the message, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.” Stars routinely rely on others to update their social media accounts, much like actor Christopher Lloyd of “Back to the Future” fame partners with his son to update his postings.

Lloyd isn’t alone, of course, even if his transparency is uncommon.

Foxx’s message, without any personal link to the star himself (like a current video), deepened the mystery.

The star’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, recently gave an update on his condition. She said he’s been out of the hospital “for weeks” and felt well enough to play some pickleball.

Once again, no visual proof to back up her claims. She also blasted the press for suggesting the star was on death’s door. Her frustration is understandable, but the Foxx family’s lack of transparency helped make that atmosphere possible.

It’s one thing for random Twitter accounts to post conspiratorial messages, but journalists shouldn’t be doing the same. That’s just part of the media’s current corruption, alas.

It’s the new, regrettable normal.

Foxx is a public persona, and while we aren’t owed any information about his medical state (unlike with politicians) his lack of details heightens the thirst for conspiracies.

Compare it to how Jeremy Renner treated his serious snowmobile accident earlier this year. The “Avengers” star kept everyone up to speed on his condition and the various stages of recovery.

That was his choice, and it proved wise.

We still know little about Foxx’s initial diagnosis or recovery. His family would be wise to either keep every element of it private, which is their right or provide more conclusive updates.

The press should behave better, too.

At a time when news outlets aggressively spin the truth to benefit one political party, we have no reason to expect journalists to behave any better than your average social media user.


  1. So is “Jamie Fox” still suffering from the BS he’s told for decades now about being a victim of racial oppression inflicted on him by white devils back when he was Terrell TX native Eric Marlon Bishop, big man on Campus at Terrell High School who enjoyed Texas small town hero/rockstar status as starting quarterback of the varsity football team. Absolutely can’t stand to watch any of his movies or performances after hearing him tell such an egregious big lie.

  2. We grow to love so-called celebrities not just for their talent and work, but also because of the people they appear to be when they are sharing their real-life experiences and feelings. Their continued success makes us happy for them, so of course, we are concerned when we hear they are facing challenges.

    We care. We don’t try to intrude but we patiently wait for news, hoping for good news but also standing ready to pray if needed. After these past few weeks of no word, to hear he is not only doing fine, but has been doing fine enough for weeks to now be playing pickleball…it just feels…I don’t know…disrespectful somehow.

    We hear about the crisis, and do keep him in our thoughts and prayers, but yet the progress, and the knowledge that our prayers are being answered, is somehow too private to share?

    Strange, but maybe the rest of the story, if it’s ever shared, will make it more understandable.

  3. It’s NOT a mystery. He publicly said he vaxed and and had a stroke from the Spike Proteins.

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