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Imagine If This Happened at the Emmys Tonight…

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict what we’ll see at the Emmy Awards tonight.

That doesn’t refer to the creators shaping the current Golden Age of Television. We won’t know who wins the biggest awards until the envelopes start ripping open.

We’re talking about the show’s politics.

SNL Hosts Colin Jost And Michael Che Offer Emmy Awards Sneak Peek | TODAY

Picture a crush of anti-Trump jokes to kick-start the ceremony. Next, a few winners supporting the woman alleging Brett Kavanaugh sexually attacked her 35 years ago without a lick of credible evidence.

President Donald Trump’s border wall might get slammed. So will his allegedly dictatorial mien.

We’ve seen this play out in virtually every awards ceremony since Trump shocked the world on Nov. 9, 2016. And, every time, the ratings sink like a stone.

Tonight’s Emmy hosts, Michael Che and Colin Jost of “Saturday Night Live” fame, initially teased the event would be less political than expected.

They’re bluffing, of course.

“We might have to tell a joke about President Pence,” Che added. “Who knows?”

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But… what if something else played out? Imagine if the assembled stars did something dramatically different throughout the night.

What if…

  • A female winner used her podium time to blast Hollywood for ignoring the Dr. Kermit Gosnell tragedy while promoting the Oct. 12 release of “Gosnell.” “Thank you, Nick Searcy, for bringing this horror story to the big screen so more Gosnell monsters can be brought to justice!”
  • A best actor honoree chided the media and Democrats alike for supporting a last-minute attack on Kavanaugh, saying it smacked of the very worst instincts in our body politic. “The people in this room wouldn’t like it if Republicans tried this tactic with a Democratic nominee…”
  • The presenters got serious for a moment, saying free speech must be defended for those who lean to the right. “It’s time for all the snowflakes out there to melt away.”
  • A winner gave an extended shout out to capitalism and dragged socialist It Girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her misguided take on the U.S. economy. “We’ve seen her version of America, and Venezuela is not a good look.”
  • Hosts Che and Jost spend the evening’s first five minutes torching the violence emanating from today’s progressive movement. “Enough is enough.”

Now, imagine the fallout.

Instead of chummy AP reports depicting the night’s political banter is drinking game fodder you’d get stern warnings about the messages shared throughout the night.

Celebrities would rush to Twitter to attack the presenters and declare an Emmys telecast may not be the best place to share those opinions.

The stars who made those statements would fire up their Twitter accounts to apologize for their actions. Others might go further, cutting checks to charities to let the healing begin (and save their next gigs).

We’d get a glut of media fact checks about the statements uttered as well as “think pieces” decrying that they were shared in the first place. The same outlets that demanded a more political Emmys telecast will quickly reverse course.

Does anyone doubt this?

If not, why is it business as usual for the awards ceremony to veer hard left, insult the political ideology of roughly one half the country and take a night meant for entertainment excellence and turn it into a progressive screed?

Andre Guerra

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