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Have We Reached Peak Hollywood Hypocrisy?

Climate change. #MeToo. 'Kids in Cages.' Now, maskless Emmy celebrations

Optics are everything in La La Land.

The stars are impossibly beautiful, and they burn endless calories to stay that way. PR pros lord over celebrities, hoping to dampen any scandal, large or small, that might stain their client’s image.

The movies themselves, even B-movies, often look fabulous in our digital age.

When it comes to Hollywood hypocrisy, though, the stars can’t help tripping over their carefully cultivated images.

The examples are plentiful. Think:

The latest installment of Hollywood hypocrisy may be the most obvious, and damaging, to the industry’s brand. We’ve been told for more than a year to mask up to ward off COVID-19. Even as vaccines flooded the nation our leaders preached from the same unflinching hymnal.

Some governors even demanded vaccinated citizens mask up outdoors.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris routinely mask up outdoors, where the risk of infection for vaccinated people is microscopic.

And yet two star-studded events over the past week featured maskless stars enjoying the perks of their profession.

Megyn Kelly on the Hypocrisy of the Met Gala | The Megyn Kelly Show

The first came courtesy of the annual Met Gala, a fundraiser where the tickets could set you back $30,000 at the minimum.

While Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez generated endless headlines for her “tax the rich” dress, others noted how the rich and famous sauntered around the gala while the “help” catered to their every whim while wearing masks.

Suffice to say social media noticed the disparity:

Even that rare, honest, talk show host pointed to the issue.

Which takes us to the weekend’s Emmy awards gala.

The event, which featured a dearth of minority winners, also allowed the stars to shine sans mask. Emmy host Cedric the Entertainer yukked it up over the need for vaccinations. Meanwhile, Seth Rogen complained about the mask-less, indoor event while attending the mask-less, indoor event.

Maskless Hollywood Elite Laugh at You at the Emmys

Host Cedric the Entertainer, who recently admitted to toning down his jokes to avoid the Cancel Culture mob, chastised Rogen from his perch.

“It actually feels amazing in here unlike what Seth (Rogen) was talking about. It feels good. We’re all vaxxed. We had to get vaxxed to come here. I got vaxxed. I did not have a reaction like Micki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. I got Pfizer because I’m bougie. Pfizer is the Neiman Marcus of vaccines. Moderna, that’s Macy’s. Johnson & Johnson, that’s TJ Maxx.”

Not everyone was mask free, though.

Once again the rich and famous strutted through the Emmy bash while “the help” catered to them, masked up for their, and the stars’, protection.

Social media users fired up their outrage in record time.

Fox News noticed the issue, as did other right-leaning news outlets. The mainstream Hollywood press, which often serves to protect the stars from themselves, missed that obvious story angle.

How long will that last?

We’re talking nuclear-grade hypocrisy, and it comes at a time when parents are sending their children off to masked education, the kind the elites

The usual suspects, late night TV hosts and, starting early in October, “Saturday Night Live,” won’t highlight the extreme hypocrisy on display. They’re part of the elite structure, and mocking their own isn’t in their best interests.

So it’s up to everyday Americans, be it on social media or just in sharing stories that highlight the galling hypocrisy, to send the message.

It’s why sites like Outkick, which don’t align with the progressive media groupthink, get so much attention … and deservedly so.

Actors and actresses re-sent a message last night to average Americans. They showed up maskless at an in-door event in Los Angeles with designer clothing to distinguish themselves from the working class. At the Emmys, celebrities reminded us they are superior and we must continue to worship them for their prowess.

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