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HiT Radio: How Captain America Avoids Ideology

Marvel’s red, white and blue hero is patriotic to the core. Yet over the years, comic book writers have used him as a cudgel in their ideological grudge matches.

Most recently, the “new” Captain America channeled his inner Bernie Sanders. Sam Wilson, who took over for Steve Rogers, blasted citizens attempting to defend the country’s immigration laws. In doing so, he sided with Mexicans illegally streaming into the country.

Yet “Captain America: Civil War” is free of ideological talking points. Even the film’s cast and crew did all they could during the marketing push to avoid partisan sniping.

Instead, the focus is rightly on crackerjack action and killer one-liners. I discuss the film and its cultural impact on “The Michael Brown Show.”

On “Mike Rosen at the Movies,” the host and I discuss “Keanu,” the Key & Peele comedy about the cutest cat ever to grace the big screen.

But is it funny?

We also break down “A Hologram for the King,” that rare Tom Hanks vehicle that hasn’t received a major promotional push.

Finally, we talked with Mike Norris, son of legendary action star Chuck Norris and a veteran actor/director in his own right. The younger Norris discussed his new project, “AmeriGeddon,” an independently produced film that brings one of our culture’s biggest fears to life.

The story focuses on an attack on the U.S. power grid that leaves citizens vulnerable to freedom-grabbing bureaucrats.

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