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The HiT List: PC ‘Neighbors 2’ Crashes, Burns

So the fact that “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” couldn’t equal what “Neighbors” earned two years ago in its opening weekend isn’t news.

The new film’s calamitous drop is, though.

The sequel’s $21 million weekend haul represents a 55 percent decrease from the original’s $49 million opening frame.

To quote the late, great Myron Cope, “what a debacle!”

It could be that a sequel to the bawdy but sweet original didn’t make sense. Or, that the new film’s over-the-top liberalism snuffed out most of the laughs.

Either way, a third “Neighbors” is something Seth Rogen and co. will have to put behind the back burner.

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  1. Considering their political differences, I was surprised to learn that Lewis Black and Larry The Cable Guy are good friends – Black even wrote the introduction to one of Larry’s books. I guess people who have been through the stand-up comedy trenches tend to band together, even if they don’t agree on much. It certainly makes Black a much classier fellow in my book than David Cross, who once wrote an insulting open letter mocking Larry The Cable Guy as representing everything wrong with America and comedy. What a jerk.

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