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The HiT List: The Clooney Damage Control Edition

Now, the Oscar winner is easy on the eyes, of course. He still understands that when an actor gets political he may have to spin his rhetoric.

It’s why Clooney did some A-list damage control over the weekend after hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. First, Clooney accurately described the fundraiser’s haul as “obscene.” Later, he tried to defend what he and his chums do to how the Koch brother open their wallets for GOP causes.

“I think there is a difference between the Koch brothers and us,” he said. He pointed to the contrasting tax policies between the parties. The ones he and other Democratic donors support “would probably cost us a lot of money” while “the Koch brothers would probably profit if they get their way.”

That certainly doesn’t explain the millions given out by the Koch brothers to worthwhile charities, nor how Team Obama routinely gives favors to his favorite bundlers. But Clooney doesn’t expect to be grilled by his interviewers, and he wasn’t.

In other entertainment news:

  • Dog Bites Man: Hollywood is getting blasted, again, for its curious casting choices. Two major films where the source material featured Asian characters won’t have Asian actors playing them. That #OscarsSoWhite controversy is so last month, apparently.
  • Dog Bites Man, Take Two: Bill Maher called for U.S.-based churches to be taxed and savaged people of faith by calling Sunday school a place where children get “stupid.”maher
  • No Bern for Weinstein: Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein thinks Bernie Sanders’ math doesn’t add up. In fact, it could bankrupt the country.
  • Shocked Face Alert: “The Jungle Book’s” massive weekend haul means a franchise is born. And don’t expect to see “Criminal 2” any time soon. The latest Kevin Costner flop made only $5.8 million while “Barbershop: The Next Cut” earned $20 million.
  • This Rocker Will Be Back: Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley canceled a gig over the weekend due to exhaustion and dehydration. It’s been a terrible year in music as one giant after another has left us. But Frehley should be back on stage soon.
  • One Rocker, Two Bands: Suddenly busy Axl Rose is back with Guns ‘N’ Roses, but that isn’t his only gig at the moment. He’ll also take over for ailing AC/DC singer Brian Johnson when that band resumes its touring schedule.
  • Take That, Netflix: The Amazon Prime-Netflix war heats up as the shopping mega-site offers new options for its streaming service.
  • Remember Us?: Pearl Jam never disbanded or went away. The ’90s mainstays reminded fans of their glory days recently when the band played its now-classic ‘Vs.” album in toto (sorry) during a South Carolina concert.
  • Serial Killer: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is getting back in the “Killing” business. Next up for the author of “Killing Jesus” and “Killing Kennedy?” The WWII-based “Killing the Rising Son” recalls how Japan fell to the Allied powers.


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