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Guy Pearce Just Made Cancel Culture Worse

'Memento' star backpedals at worst possible time, fueling woke mob in process

The Culture Wars won’t be won by any single victory.

It’s a cumulation of wins that will turn the tide of battle, and the forces of sanity have been racking up impressive wins of late.


  • The return of “truth, justice and the American way” to the upcoming “Superman” reboot
  • Disney’s financial woes after going all-in on woke
  • Comedians like Roseanne Barr and Russell Brand avoiding the usual gatekeepers to tell their jokes, their way

Along comes actor Guy Pearce, and the woke warriors get a small but important win.

The “Memento” star made an innocent, and thoughtful statement on Twitter about the ability of actors to play trans characters in film and TV projects.

“A question – if the only people allowed to play trans characters r trans folk, then r we also suggesting the only people trans folk can play r trans characters. Surely that will limit ur career as an actor? Isn’t the point of an actor to be able [to] play anyone outside ur own world?”

Those comments reflect the reality actors have faced for decades. A talented star can portray virtually any role with the right approach and technique. Jared Leto won an Oscar for playing a trans character in “Dallas Buyers Club,” and Eddie Redmayne earned a Best Actor nomination for portraying a trans woman in “The Danish Girl.”

The Danish Girl Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander Drama HD

The Oscar winner later expressed regret for taking a role he took less than seven years ago. A trans performer should have gotten the gig, even though it might have dramatically impacted the film’s box office potential.

Pearce faced a volley of woke responses for his rationale Tweet, and he followed it up by acknowledging a dearth of opportunities for trans actors.

Smart. Respectful. Measured. And, of course, he quickly retreated fearing further woke retaliation.

Here’s one “highlight” from his hostage-style apology.

“The point I wanted to raise was one about defending the definition of acting and nothing more. Throwing the subject onto one minority group in particular was unnecessary, especially from a man like me, with a ‘Full House’ of privilege.”

Pearce’s apology followed the far-Left talking points to the letter.

It’s just one actor, one apology, but every time this happens the woke mob grows stronger, more emboldened to bully other stars into reading from their pre-approved script.

The actor likely doesn’t realize his actions will only make matters worse for his fellow artists.


  1. The Woke Mob is high on the power they think they have on the socials. It’s an addiction for them.
    I’m waiting for this virtue-signalling fad to go away, and the world will be safer.

  2. Guy Pearce shouldn’t apologize. Apologizing to Woke Terrorists is like apologizing to the Soviet Union, or the Chinese Communist Party(looking at you, John Cena).

  3. Apologies never placate the mob. They only embolden it and make it worse. When we these cowards ever learn?

  4. No one wants to see a transgender playing a transgender. It doesn’t have a market. The Woke movies are facing diminishing returns. These celebrities can keep apologizing. It doesn’t matter. And never talk about transgenders on Twitter with your real name unless you really like the abuse.

    1. The trans mafia has really earned that nickname. When they organize, they are vicious. There’s certainly been plenty of examples of physical attacks and the deadly one this week. If they weren’t protected by the leftists, media, and big tech, they’d probably be declared a terror group.

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