The show's second season reveals Hollywood's voracious appetite for anti-Trump propaganda.

There’s one wish that unites virtually every Democrat and, by extension, most Hollywood denizens.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump.

That’s unlikely to happen, at least in 2018. The GOP controls both houses. And, despite all the caterwauling over Russian collusion we’ve yet to see hard evidence to coax lawmakers into impeachment hearings.

That hasn’t stopped Hollywood stars from playing the impeachment card early and often.

Enter “The Good Fight.”

The CBS All Access drama, an off-shoot of the long-running series “The Good Wife,” stars Christine Baranski as a legal eagle forced to revive her career following a scandal tied to her goddaughter (Rose Leslie).

The show debuted last February and is gearing up for its second season starting March 4. The show’s sophomore lap will feature a storyline that could make liberal viewers weep with joy.

Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter shares the news (and note the hard-left bias in the opening sentence)

On the bright side, the showrunners revealed that the No. 1 on their call sheet will also get a storyline about potentially impeaching the current U.S. president.

“The Democratic Committee is auditioning firms to take over impeachment hearings,” Robert King explained to reporters on Saturday morning at the TV critics press tour in Pasadena. “A lot of it is a debate about how Trump could be impeached.”

It’s almost as if the show and the Democratic platform were in lockstep.

Will the new narrative draw a crowd? We’ve already seen formerly mainstream programs like “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” successfully embrace a hard, anti-Trump posture.

Will the same happen with “The Good Fight?” Or will Trump fatigue, along with Hollywood showrunners jamming anti-Trump narratives into their programs, shed more viewers than they attract?

Stay tuned.