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Now the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Are Racist Body Shamers?

The social media love for Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival proved impossible to escape.

Fans rejoiced that their beloved show not only returned but sparked some of the same emotions from the original series’ run.

Not everyone embraced the return of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, played once more by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. The social justice warriors watched the four new episodes and had plenty to say about it.

Their objections bounced from new media sites to venerable outlets like The Washington Post. In today’s news climate, those lines are increasingly blurred.

Let’s start with The site pounced on the “Gilmore Girls” revival, calling it “racist, homophobic and fat shaming.” And that was just the headline.

… not having updated the show for today’s slightly more inclusive TV landscape brings the casual racism, homophobia and body shaming of the former show into sharp focus.

So what did the site’s scribe find objectionable? The show continues to fetishize “skinny white women,” for starters. The main characters also tease overweight men at the pool. Because no one has ever poked fun at people at their local pool.

You’ll have to read the rest of the article for more examples. They’re too numerous and nit picky to even summarize. Suffice to say the author watched the revival with a magnifying glass. The results speak for themselves.

RELATED: Why This Epic SJW Meltdown Can’t Be Ignored also called out the pool sequence, “It was startling to hear the lead character on a show that has called itself, and been called, feminist make a crack about someone’s body..” doubled down on the show’s “problematic” diversity. It cites a fan who captures stills from the show, both the original series and the reboot, to show how few people of color exist. And how they rarely get screen time.

Later, the site admits the town where the show is set features a microscopically small black population.

It’s the equivalent of the “yeah, but still… ” argument.

If you think this sort of social justice tut-tutting is reserved for new media outlets craving clicks, think again. The Washington Post weighed in with this gem: “Rory’s blindness to her unbelievable privilege.”

Wonder what the creators of hit shows are thinking these days when they consider a reunion project?


  1. Actually, Rory was extraordinarily privileged. Before you get upset, hear me out. She had two extremely wealthy grandparents. She had a town that loved her and would do anything for her. She went to one of the greatest high schools in the country and then later, one of the greatest Ivy League schools as well. And the thing about this reboot that left me scratching my head was how could a woman who’s life was so picture-perfect be this aimless? How could a 32-year-old who probably would have a trust fund (knowing the type of grandparents she had) not have any credit? How did Rory, with every single advantage in life, still manage to screw up so spectacularly? Now, if the WP article is saying she is privileged because of her race, that’s dumb. But, to say Rory isn’t privileged would be a lie. It’s her privileged life (along with her hardworking nature) that makes her failure in life this far all the more embarrassing and mind boggling.

  2. The Fixer Upper show is kind of having the same problem. Waco is small town, in some ways very rural. But BuzzFeed expects them to have an episode with a same sex couple buying a home together and fixing it up.
    Problem is, in that community and surrounding environs, there just might not BE any SSM couples. The SJW’s have totally gone around the bend with their stupidity.

  3. The liberal scolds seem overwhelmingly preoccupied with the fact that the Gilmores are white; the town they live in is mostly white, and most of the people they associate with are yes, white.

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