‘Full Frontal’ Mocks My Pillow CEO … for Making Life-Saving Masks

Far-left Samantha Bee's show joins journalists in attacking a patriot

The Left is on the attack against … press conferences.

Major media outlets insist reporters should ignore President Donald Trump’s daily pressers about the current pandemic.Whatfinger News

Too many lies, they cry, ignoring all the vital information shared by both President Trump and his medical advisers. Major outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and others worried that Trump’s pressers could be harming, not helping, the country.

Meanwhile some of those very outlets crank out lie after lie after lie themselves.

Here’s just one of more recent, glaring examples:

Now, journalists are in a high dudgeon over My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. The entrepreneur just announced during a Trump presser he’s converting most of his factory space – 75 percent – to helping the nation’s fight against CO-VID 19. Team My Pillow will be creating face masks to keep health care workers safe while they tend to sick and dying Americans.

In a normal media landscape, that news would be shared without comment or, perhaps, an “atta boy” framing.

Not here.

Why? Lindell is pro-life, pro Trump and he helped fund the anti-abortion movie “Unplanned.” All of the above makes his patriotism unacceptable to journalists, apparently.


Other Blue Check Mark Types weighed in, too:

Here’s how Politico reported the story:

“Boy, do you sell those pillows,” Trump said, asking him to step up to the mic and tell Americans how his company was helping them deal with the outbreak. Lindell then launched into a short infomercial for his company, going on to describe how the firm was manufacturing cotton face masks and effusively praising the president for his pandemic stewardship.

Not to be outdone, the far-left “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” Twitter account joined the fray.

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Sadly, some of the account’s followers cheered on her attack. Others, though, let Team Bee have it:

Director Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, also saw fit to mock Lindell’s patriotism.

Far left comic Chelsea Handler indirectly attacked patriots like Lindell via Twitter.


  1. sad sad america – still biting at each other in the middle of a pandemic.
    So much for UNITED STATES of AMERICA,

  2. This My Pillow BS proves what progressives have always known: that conservatives love to call others snowflakes, but when confronted by the mildest criticism themselves, they squeal like stuck pigs. They cry and bitch and whine, and have a complete melt down when anyone on the left dares criticize their sacred ideas, opinions, religion, or politics.
    You have a right to an opinion. But you don’t have a right to be free from mockery, or criticism. Suck it up, snowflakes.

  3. Like anybody gives a rip what another liberal nobody thinks! Maybe when she is struggling for her last breath she will pray for forgiveness. 5

  4. When can we have an accounting of how many masks this Pillow company sent out the door & just exactly where they went?

  5. “Journalists,” “pundits,” “celebrities” and “comics.”

    The most non-essential people on Earth.

  6. Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler and all the others bitching about Americans stepping in and helping America or how Trump’s is dealing with this Wuhan virus crap.
    Are again proving themselves to be totally Un American asinine whiny little puppets who in the long run will be remember in history as… nothing…nobody… forgotten… as its should and will be.
    WWG1WGA! QMap__dot__pub (For people who can think.) Not for the brain dead NPC snow flake zombie crowd that can’t.

  7. Libs are, in word, deed, and belief, fascist terrorists. Treat them accordingly. None of these vile, hateful creatures improve the world in any fashion.

  8. Such Nice Assholes on the Left Ya?
    Oh Well, Fuck em if they can’t pitch in to help and only Bitch about those who do.
    It is Who and What they are,,,,Worthless Slag.

  9. Ah, I miss the old days when actors and troubadours were thought lower than scum. They still are, but for some reason folks think that they matter…

  10. If all President Trump does is lie, he should tell the world that Democrats are patriotic Americans who love their country and see what they do.

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