‘Follow the Science’ Seeks to Sway Moderates on Pandemic Overreach

Producer Hawk Jensen shares just when he suspected something was 'fishy'

Many Americans went along with the government’s pandemic restrictions only to later question their utility.

Do the vaccines work as promised? Are masks an effective way to protect oneself from the virus? Do the benefits of lockdown policies outweigh their deleterious effects?

Hawk Jensen smelled something funny from the jump.

The veteran director, best known for his “Witness Project” documentary shorts, knew how societies forced behaviors on their citizens through his projects exploring Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships.

“The overall message seemed fishy to me. It didn’t add up,” Jensen says, recalling the now infamous refrain at the pandemic’s start – “two weeks to flatten the curve.” “Hey, this is not gonna last two weeks …. there was mission drift.”

That skepticism is a driving force behind “Follow the Science,” a crowdfunded docuseries disputing much of what the experts told us about the virus and how to protect us from it.

The first of several episodes debuts April 19 at the Regal Waterford Lakes in Orlando, Fla.

Jensen joined the SoundMind Creative Group, which bills itself as a dissident artist network, to create the five-part series deconstruction the last three years. Clifton Duncan, the Broadway actor canceled for refusing to take the COVID-19 jab, serves as one of several hosts in the project.

The first installment, subtitled “Lockdowns Go Viral,” examines the lack of debate over measures tied to COVID-19 and their fallout.

“Follow the Science” began production two years ago, roughly the same time Jensen fled California and its draconian COVID-19 policies. The censorship that plagued those who questioned the U.S. Government’s pandemic rules impacted “Science” as well.

“We were very concerned about Cancel Culture at the time [of the production],” he says. “People were very nervous about saying anything … you could run afoul of losing your job.” In some cases, Jensen’s team flew out immediately to interview experts before they could change their minds.

That’s why the SoundMind Creative Group embraced anonymity despite what Jensen calls “Hollywood-grade talents” behind the scenes. That allowed them to contribute to the docuseries without losing mainstream clients.

“When it comes out a lot of them will put their names on it,” he adds.

He says “Follow the Science” raised $300,000 in its first year and is raising an additional $300,000 now to complete the project.

Grassroots supporters gave the project both its funding and independence.

“It’s just us … we’re not answering to anyone else,” says Jensen, adding the SoundMinds group may tackle other challenging projects moving forward.

The first “Follow the Science” episode boasts a feature-length running time, a necessity given the complexity of the tale being told. It shows how roughly half the country didn’t question the new rules and allowed their fundamental rights to slip away.

Fear, he says, kept many “in line.” Others disagreed, and they often found themselves canceled across social media.

“The American spirit is still very much alive,” he says.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya: questioning lockdowns, the Twitter files and how censorship kills

“Follow the Science” isn’t brimming with political pundits. Jensen says the material is rooted in actual science, featuring a blend of media personalities (Sydney Watson, Zuby) and credentialed scientists (Dr. Jay Bhattacharya).

The docuseries argues the “Science” didn’t support blanket lockdowns and that focused protection on the most vulnerable – the elderly and those with immune system deficiencies – should have been the highest priority.

The expert class corrupted the real science, Jensen argues.

The pandemic splintered an already tribal culture into two distinct camps, but “Follow the Science” isn’t looking to widen that divide.

“The intent of this project is to generate conversations and dialogue,” he says. “I think if we can get people to talk about this in person … you expand and grow and your mind does change.”


  1. “Follow the Science” isn’t brimming with political pundits. Jensen says the material is rooted in actual science, featuring a blend of media personalities (Sydney Watson, Zuby) and credentialed scientists (Dr. Jay Bhattacharya).

    A must see for conspiracy theorists everywhere ( I appreciate the photograph of Sydney Watson, “media personality”, in her Trump tee ). Who needs to see a presentation of responsible, balancing viewpoints? Not this filmmaker, evidently .

    “So why was Dr. Bhattacharya, who never treated a COVID patient himself, opposed to shelter-in-place orders and quarantines in March 2020? There can literally be only one reason- he didn’t think that millions were at risk from this “novel coronavirus”. Dr. Bhattacharya asked the question, is the coronavirus as deadly as they say? and answered it with a resounding “no.” Indeed, his article’s subtitle was “Current estimates about the Covid-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude.”
    His estimate of a death total of 20 – 40,000 proved a little low. And he didn’t take into account the millions more who didn’t die, but were seriously injured by the disease.

  2. While the intent to generate conversation is noble, the need for accountability and consequences for intentionally bad management is critical to the recovery of our culture, nation and civilization. The governors and state reps/senators who caused untold harm, financial loss, and deaths need to be punished for their actions. It is no coincidence that the most recent slate of new mega-rich are execs in pharmaceuticals.

  3. Anyone paying attention should’ve seen the signs that this wasn’t a “safety for all” program, it was a “let’s take advantage of the situation” to teach the masses to be controlled. Also, keep everyone scared with the inflated death numbers parroted and sensationalized by the corrupt media. I believe for many it worked and turned them in to sheep ready to do the governments bidding.

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