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Fans Rally to Save ‘The Expanse,’ ‘Lucifer’ and … Clayne Crawford?

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was dead for less than 48 hours before NBC applied the defibrillator paddles.

Now, some die hard fans want their terminated shows to follow in the Fox comedy’s footsteps. Only the odds remain steep despite past successes like “Longmire” and “Family Guy.”

It’s the new norm that audiences don’t take show cancellations lightly. They swarm social media, light up comments sections on various web sites and, more recently, leverage

The web site, often the home for social justice initiatives, is abuzz these days with fans trying to rally around recently cancelled shows.


  • “The Expanse”
  • “Lucifer”
  • “Wayward Sisters”

Here’s the pitch to save “Lucifer,” currently leading the pack with more than 185,000 signatures.

FOX cancelled Lucifer, a show loved by people AROUND THE WORLD! Lets get the show picked up by a better network like the CW, HULU, NETFLIX or AMAZON!

The pitch to salvage “The Expanse” is a mite more creative.

We, the people of Earth, Mars and the Belt, call upon Netflix or Amazon to secure the national and international rights for this show so the millions of fans can continue to dream of a life in space.

The Wayward Sisters pitch embraces the show’s diverse lineup to help seal the deal.

As you may know, unfortunately the highly anticipated “Supernatural” spin-off “Wayward Sisters” wasn’t picked up by The CW channel. This show wasn’t just a TV show to many people, it was inspiration. Six strong female characters of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, who would want that? These women are role models to so many people.

Given Hollywood’s sudden interest in diversity, and the industry’s poor track record on that front, it’s a shrewd argument.

FAST FACT: Fans of the CBS nuclear-themed show “Jericho” mailed thousands of pounds of nuts to studio executives to save the show upon its 2007 cancellation. The stunt worked. “Jericho” continued for another seven episodes before a second, and final, cancellation notice.

The most unusual petition, and the one with the weakest support (so far), involves “Lethal Weapon.” That Fox series snared a renewal order, albeit without co-star Clayne Crawford.

The actor’s on-set transgressions convinced the network to replace him with “American Pie” alum Seann William Scott. Co-star Damon Wayans clearly approves of the move. Here’s what the actor shared on Twitter recently about his colleage.

In one tweet, Wayans, 57, shared a photo of the back of his bleeding head, which he said was an incident that took place while filming the April 24 episode, which Crawford directed. “How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head?” Wayans asked, adding “#directedby@claynecrawford.”

Some fans think Crawford’s apologies are enough to let the “Lethal” team forgive and forget.

We’ll see.

For now, the pro-Crawford contingent remains a small but vocal group. The petition boasts a modest tally of nearly 2,500 signees. Ironically, that’s the target the petition’s creator set for the campaign.

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