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‘Entourage’ Creator Torches ‘Ignorant Fraud’ AOC

Doug Ellin’s Twitter feed turns on Left, flashes frustration with both parties

You can’t blame Doug Ellin for questioning Hollywood’s hard-Left mindset.

The veteran TV producer created “Entourage,” the HBO smash now considered problematic in today’s woke world.

‘It’s Hollywood, Baby’ Trailer | Entourage | HBO Classics

Four young, successful white characters flaunt their celebrity privilege in La La Land? Unacceptable! It means there’s little to no chance Hollywood will reboot the beloved show, despite recent revivals like “That ‘90s Show,” the upcoming “Frasier” continuation and “Will & Grace.”

That message hasn’t escaped Ellin, who celebrates “Entourage’s” enduring fan base with the “Victory!” podcast.

They can’t cancel his audio show, which features key players from “Entourage” including co-stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon.

Now, Ellin is fighting the Left on social media.


He’s not on the MAGA train, exactly. Ellin still shares skepticism for Team Republican. He’s simply not buying what the modern Democrats are selling, and he’s taking heat from his liberal supporters along the way.

Ellin isn’t backing down, though.

His biggest salvo came at the expense of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The far-Left politician blasted the recent Super Bowl commercial promoting a faith-based initiative called He Gets Us. The ads caused a cultural kerfuffle, and the congresswoman’s critique of them didn’t sit well with Ellin.

Ellin took offense at her characterization of the ad and spirituality as a whole.

The Tweet featured a link to an embarrassing video of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez showing her ignorance tied to the Israeli-Palestinian debate. The clip, and Ellin’s highlight of it, suggest she’s not intellectually fit for Congress.

That wasn’t all Ellin Tweeted about over the past few days.

Ellin also slammed the Biden White House for dragging its feet on the environmental crisis happening in East Palestine, Ohio following a train derailment.

The Hollywood veteran also suggested CNN and MSNBC unfairly labeled lockdown critics as unhinged over the past two-plus years, a common refrain on the Right. Time has been kind to the critics’ side of the debate.

Ellin, like Bill Maher and Joe Rogan, may skewer liberal bromides but they’re not automatically voting for Trump or Gov. Ron DeSantis during the 2024 presidential election. Ellin capped a recent Twitter stream with this lament about the two-party system.

I hate em both. Wish I didn’t. Don’t have a solution just hate


  1. Well, he’s right about the void called AOC, but he’s still wrong in his politics if he really supports the DEMOcrat destruction of Our Nation!

    I TRIED to watch his show a couple of times and just couldn’t! The way the characters EXPECTED special treatment from all was rather disgusting and demeaning! It seemed like the only one with REAL talent was the only decent person on the show. I may be wrong with my assessment after a limited viewing – my wife will be quick to point out that I am usually wrong about everything!

  2. AOC is the biggest idiot in congress. She is a joke to both sides of aisle. She has no sense of reality & doesn’t care about people in her district or in general!

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