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More Artists Self-Censor to Avoid Woke Mob

Elizabeth Gilbert, Joseph Fiennes try to bury their 'problematic' work

Chloe Grace Moretz agreed to star in Louis CK’s 2017 dramedy “I Love You, Daddy,” a plum gig for the rising star.

Once the comedian’s past reared its ugly head, the actress had a change of heart.

“I think it should just kind of go away, honestly. I don’t think it’s time for them to have a voice right now … of course, it’s devastating to put time into a project and have it disappear … but at the same time, this movement is so powerful and so progressive that I’m just happy to be in communication with everyone and to see the big change in the face of the industry, which I think is very, very real.”

Moretz had a valid reason, at the time, for her decision. The actress hoped to highlight the mistreatment of women, personified by the comedian’s confessed behavior, by shelving the film.

Agree? Disagree? She wasn’t trying to erase art but make a statement on the MeToo revolution.

I Love You, Daddy Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

More recently, artists are erasing their work for less noble reasons. 

The most egregious example? “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest novel, “The Snow Forest,” is set in Russia circa 1900. That setting triggered some folks angered by the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Few aren’t enraged by Russia’s aggression, but it doesn’t erase the nation’s rich cultural heritage. Nor should artists pretend the country doesn’t exist, keeping stories and characters away from that part of the world.

Tell that to Gilbert, who pulled her own novel from its release schedule to appease the mob.

“I read these messages and I respect them and as a result I am removing the book from its publication.”

Yes, she respects a mob that left one-star reviews of a book that hasn’t been released yet. All her hard work is gone in the blink of a cowardly eye.

Her decision proved so unpopular even the far-Left Atlantic cried foul in an essay entitled, “Eat, Pray, Pander.” Perhaps the outlet is starting to realize that the woke beast it either encouraged or ignored has broken free of its cage and is turning on creators.

Who saw that coming?

Gilbert isn’t alone, though. Actor Joseph Fiennes hopes to bury one of his projects so no one can see what he did. The actor played Michael Jackson in the anthology series “Urban Myths.” Fiennes, who is white, portrayed the pop superstar in his later years, a time when his skin had become whiter courtesy of either medical interventions or a severe case of vitiligo.

Variety reports the actor had a hand in pulling the segment in question.

“I think people are absolutely right to be upset,” Fiennes said. “And it was a wrong decision. Absolutely. And I’m one part of that — there are producers, broadcasters, writers, directors, all involved in these decisions. But obviously if I’m upfront, I have become the voice for other people. I would love them to be around the table as well to talk about it. But you know, it came at a time where there was a movement and a shift and that was good, and it was, you know, a bad call. A bad mistake.”

The rush to censor one’s art is increasingly common in the woke era. Tina Fey personally requested a “30 Rock” episode featuring blackface get removed following George Floyd’s death and the ensuing riots.

Comedians Desus and Mero admitted to self-censoring their commentary to stay one step ahead of the woke mob.

How many others do the same but hide it from the public? Chances are it will happen more often unless artists publicly and proudly take a stand.

UPDATE: Add Jonathan Frakes to the list. The “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor wants an episode of the classic series removed from distribution. The installment traffics in racial stereotypes, according to its critics, including the show’s co-star.

I think they should take it out of the rotation. I think it is a great time to make that kind of — as small as it is — to make that kind of a statement would be fabulous.” 


  1. Self Censorship IS NOT A PROBLEM. Who cares what these people do with THEIR OWN WORK? You don’t own their work anymore than you own Star Wars or the Little Mermaid and they are FREE to do what they WANT with THEIR STUFF and your objections to THEM putting blacks or latinos in THEIR projects really just show you turds up for the racist scum that you are!

    You say they are “bowing to the woke mob” A STUPID STATEMENT which renders you INCAPABLE of fighting the coming war. THEY ARE THE MOB YOU MORONS . Fiennes is a LIBERAL who AGREES that his work in BLACK FACE (albeit of a lighter shade) is RACIST and problematic! He agrees! He isn’t “bowing down to anyone since NO ONE ON EARTH was thinking about these works!

    J.K Rowling has a SATANIC TATTOO on her forearm which is only seen on a statue of BAPHOMET, !!!! But you morons think she’s a soldier in your army having NO IDEA what that sick b-word really worships!! Google her tatt!

    BE WORRIED ABOUT FORCED CENSORSHIP which is coming down the pike at lightning speed . “You will be made to obey” isn’t just a t-shirt it’s literally liberals next step .

  2. “Few aren’t enraged by Russia’s aggression”

    SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. I couldn’t care LESS what Russia does with their former property.

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