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Disney Superstars Mourn Convicted Pedophile

Pedro Pascal, Mark Ruffalo weep for man convicted of five sexual assaults

Gina Carano got fired from Disney’s “The Mandalorian” because she drew parallels from modern America to Germany in the 1930s.

Her message, even for those who disagreed with the analogy, cried out for compassion, not division.

Pedro Pascal, the man behind that “Mandalorian” mask, served up a Nazi analogy that tarred roughly half the country, but he never paid a price for it from a company that blithely ignores human rights atrocities.

That context matters given when Pascal shared over the weekend on Twitter.

The liberal star, who showcases his pronouns in his Twitter name, weighed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. The now-18-year-old was cleared of all charges following a clash which left two people dead and one wounded.

LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Reaction

The jury concluded Rittenhouse, who shot all three people, acted in self defense. Video footage of the shootings appeared to confirm that result.

Liberal Hollywood, from stars on Twitter to “Saturday Night Live,” raged against the verdict. They assembled a laundry list of lies and half-truths in the process.

Yet Pascal went one step further. He mourned for one of the victims, Joseph Rosenbaum, whose criminal rap sheet is too exhaustive to share here.

Consider this a sample:

Rosenbaum received 10 years in prison on Dec. 12, 2002 for sexual contact of a minor, and then was sentenced to 2 years, 6 months for sexual contact of a minor related to the same 2002 incident….

Some of the counts allege anal rape and oral sex with minors, masturbating in front of a 15-year-old, distributing naked photos of a woman to a minor under age 18, and other similar offenses. In a plea deal, he was convicted of sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree.

Here’s Pascal honoring the pedophile along with the other fatal shooting victim in the case.

Here’s just two of many responses alerting the actor about Rosenbaum’s history.

Pascal will face no consequences from Disney for such a message, of course. No journalist will press him on the subject, either.

The same will hold true for Mark Ruffalo, another high profile Disney employee. The MCU’s Hulk echoed Pascal’s comments with his Tweet, but it sounded even worse.


Does Ruffalo have any idea about the man he’s publicly mourning? Does he even care?

Ruffalo and Pascal aren’t the only celebrities weighing in on the Rittenhouse verdict. Many did the same, implying the teen shooter was a white supremacist and worse.

Most didn’t go the extra step to publicly hail Rosenbaum as a victim, ignoring his monstrous track record in the process, though.

Freewheeling comic Lou Perez indirectly mocked both stars with this brief satirical video.

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