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Theater Cancels ‘FBI Lovebirds,’ Citing ‘Violent Threats’

The Mead Theatre in D.C. opened its creative arms for Phelim McAleer’s latest project.

Those arms abruptly closed today.

The play, “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers,” casts Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson as FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The production’s dialogue comes straight from the pair’s texts, which revealed both their romantic affair as well as plans to battle Donald Trump’s rise to the Oval Office.

The team behind the project just announced the theater will no longer be renting space for the performance. The theater cited “threats of violence” for why it reversed course, according to “FBI Lovebirds” email.

UPDATE: FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers Play Banned from D.C. Theater

HiT reached out to The Studio Theatre, which houses three theaters including The Mead Theatre. The person answering the phone confirmed the cancellation and read a prepared statement regarding the matter.

Here’s the official statement from the D.C.-based theater.Whatfinger News

“Studio Theatre has cancelled its contract with third-party rental client Unreported Story Society. Media reports have made us aware of undisclosed details about the event and have generated open and violent threats against the theater and event participants. Studio has an institutional responsibility to consider the safety of our staff, patrons, community, event organizers and attendees. These concerns must be paramount.”

It’s merely the latest example of the modern Left threatening, and sometimes using, violence to suppress speech.

Conservative speakers have been verbally attacked across the country, typically in university settings. Some have had materials thrown at them. Others have suffered physical injuries due to the violent protests swirling around their speeches.

Michael Knowles Attacked On Stage

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, a mainstream conservative and popular podcaster, requires thousands of dollars in security to speak at college campuses. It cost $600,000 to protect Shapiro during his 2017 appearance at UC Berkeley, formerly known as a bastion of free speech.

The play in question almost certainly casts the Obama-era FBI in a toxic light given what we already know about the text exchanges. The production employs Verbatim Theatre, a style which uses sources like grand jury testimony and official documents to tell a story. The drama doesn’t flow from a playwright’s imagination, as is the case with the vast majority of plays.

In theory, that makes it harder to label the material propaganda.

The production’s email alert insisted the show will go on. The makers vowed to find a new theater to host the play.

“We’re used to this. This has happened to us in every project we’ve done when we’re trying to tell the truth and report stories no one else is reporting,” “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers” co-producer Ann McElhinney said in a video tied to the cancellation.

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