‘Climate Hustle’ Mocks Global Warming Cultists

The gadfly openly mocks those who insist the world is:

  • reaching the tipping point
  • imperiled thanks to rising CO2 levels
  • already cruising toward catastrophe

That makes his feature “Climate Hustle” the most dangerous documentary of the year.

The movie, slated for a one-day only screening nationwide May 2 via Fathom Events, is a full-throated defense of so-called “climate change deniers.”

The documentary won’t change Al Gore’s mind. What could? What it does is gather a rising tide of evidence that those pushing the climate change mantra have more than science in mind. From that perspective, “Hustle” is brutally effective.

Morano is your guide through a multi-chapter takedown of climate conventional wisdom. It opens with a blast of alarmism straight out of a ’70s disaster film. Talking head after talking head describe the doom we face if climate change isn’t addressed now.

It’s a hustle, Morano says, and we see a street hustler dealing out a hand of “Three-Card Monte.” The comic vignette reveals the film’s modest budget and weakest link, cinematically speaking. Those yuk-yuk asides get in the way of the point-by-point rebuttals found elsewhere.

The production values are occasionally crisp, particularly with the interstitials between the film chapters. Morano and a battalion of talking heads make some very solid points in each, backed by both research and common sense.

For example, the film debunks the “97 percent” figure used by Team Gore regarding how many climate scientists agree mankind is directly influencing the weather. We also get a treatise on what the amount of CO2 in the air means from a biological perspective.

Most of all, “Hustle” paints climate science as inordinately complex, citing model after model that gets weather predictions so very, very wrong.

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The film’s most effective moments come when left-of-center experts describe how they abandoned their previous climate change positions. Doing so opened them up to scathing critiques from their colleagues. Some even found themselves unwelcome at gigs they held for some time. It’s another signal that dissent won’t be tolerated in climate change circles.

Classic video snippets bring more than humor to the presentation.

It’s hard not to laugh at Leonard Nimoy, from the cozy confines of his ’70s show “In Search Of…” describing the threat of “global cooling.” Or watching Ted Turner predict mankind’s future struggle for survival will include cannibalism.

On the surface, “Climate Hustle” is unabashedly one-sided. Yet its array of sound bites from climate change practitioners offers a modicum of balance. Or, at the very least, some critical context.

In fact, those clips punch up the narrative better than any of the film’s comic morsels. We haven’t a moment to lose, we’re told. And told again. Heck, we’ve been hearing, “the end is near” for decades. And we’re still hearing it today.

The movie could have used more confrontation, some back-and-forth debates between the two sides. We see Morano trying to challenge a few scientists, but it typically ends with them fleeing the microphones. After all, he’s no stranger to debate.

“Climate Hustle” is breezy and rarely dull. The arguments are often solid, even if some of the data flashing by leaves room for debate. You can imagine Gore’s acolytes punching up their own talking points on their tablets to refute what they’ve just seen.

That’s a healthy response.

What isn’t is what “Climate Hustle” directly targets. The science is settled. Climate change “deniers” are heretics akin to Holocaust deniers. And, to folks like Robert Kennedy, Jr., they should be rotting away in jail.

How positively unscientific.

The media won’t say that. Too many climate change scientists won’t, either. Morano will. And it’s why “Climate Hustle” is just the tonic the global warming debate needs.

photo credit: My Eye-Fi Photos via photopin (license)

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