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Charlamagne tha God : DEI Is ‘Mostly Garbage’

'Daily Show' host slams far-Left practice that discriminates against white people

The truth is coming out about DEI. Finally.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement has had quite a run, infiltrating corporate America, academia, the media and more. Now, powerful voices are speaking out against it, from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to activist Christopher Rufo.

And they’re seeing results.

That message finally reached late-night television this week.

“The Daily Show” host Charlamagne tha God took DEI to task in a long segment that tried to placate the show’s Leftist base. Even Charlamagne realized he’d lose some of the show’s audience with his critique.

The liberal host still barged ahead.

He played a montage of corporate clips showing companies bragging about their DEI efforts. He also showed conservative critics slamming the movement but quickly implied they might have a point.

“Here’s the part where you all stop applauding everything I say,” he warned, acknowledging late-night TV is just Clapter Theater.

“The truth about DEI is that although it’s well-intentioned, it’s mostly garbage,” the host said. “Just because racists hate it, doesn’t mean it’s good.”

“And you know I’m right because every one of you has sat through one of those diversity training sessions and thought, ‘This is some bulls***.”

“Over 900 studies have shown DEI programs don’t make the workplace better for minorities. It might actually make them worse,” he adds.

The host did all the damage control he could muster in the segment. He mocked “crazy” right wingers and insinuated DEI critics are racist without proof.

Still, the message came through loud and clear.

It’s unlikely Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver or Seth Meyers will take up Charlamagne’s arguments. They stick to the progressive script, while the “Daily Show” host occasionally speaks without a net.

Consider all the times Charlamagne has slammed President Joe Biden on air. When he does, the Biden administration lets him have it.

“And I think that’s the stupidest s*** ever, because I think that … because I feel like you should be able to criticize whoever your elected official is, right?”

Colbert and co. will never face any blowback from Team Biden. Just the opposite.

Scott Adams, a master at messaging, suggests the recent DEI mockery slogan – “Didn’t Earn It” might take some of the credit for Charlamagne’s comments.


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